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The Conditioned Mind

We have all heard a lot about the words like” Conditioning of Mind” or Conditioned Mind”. What exactly is it? And what do we understand by the word “Conditioned”. Conditioned means something which is not free, something which is programmed and has a limitation. So, when we say conditioned Mind, it simply means a mind which is not free, is already programmed and has a limitation, a mind which cannot think beyond. In our Daily life, anything and everything we see, perceive and respond is very much affected by the conditioning (programming) of our mind, just like the way we program a software and it works accordingly our mind is also conditioned which responds, reacts, interpret, judge people and situation as per the programming done. Now the question comes how does a conditioning of Mind happens? and how every single individual has a different programming basis which they see life, they see world. The conditioning of Mind happens due to the information fed into our mind over a period and this information is accumulated due to the factors like Geography (country you belong to), religion, culture, society, educations system and most important our belief system. Hence as we grow old our mind is puffed up with such information and programming gets rigid and more rigid and there comes a reason when we start categorizing everything we see, smell, touch and feel (our senses, I am referring here) like good and bad, ugly and beautiful, right and wrong and so on. Hence our mind only thinks and reacts asper the information it has received over a period and hence becomes a slave of it, it drives us, and we become a slave of it. On a Fundamental level , everything is made up of energy and that is something science has already proved and the source of Energy is also same , hence everything in this world which we can see and things which we can’t see are same as they are all made up of same energy but we perceive it differently because there is a definition provided for each thing and we can’t see beyond that definition. For example when water is boiled it changes its shape and turns into steam, but actually we all know that both are same energy it’s the pattern which has changed ,the same logic applies our life, it’s just that we need to accept the fact that every individual is a unique pattern and hence we don’t need to categorize them rather accepting and see them the way they are. Also, since each person has been grown up differently so is his mind and therefore one single thing is perceived differently by two individuals because they have been grown up differently. I don’t say that its bad to follow any belief system and not being systematic while dealing with situation or people, but all I am trying to say is to stay aware and accepting the things they are rather than judging them or giving them a label. The Life is vey simple, everything which is around us is so simple and beautiful, it’s just our rigidity and way of labeling things which makes it so complicated and miserable. It is just our mind which makes our life easy and difficult and not people and situations really. Since we don’t accept them the way they are and try to manipulate them as per the information fed into our mind we end up getting stuck into the vicious cycle. We really need to understand the fact that it is only and only our mind which makes our life beautiful or miserable and once we become little aware of this fact then life will really be very peaceful and easy to live, our relationships will get better, we will be able to lead a satisfying life with same amount of resources and situations. Now to do this, all we need to do is to unconditioned our mind, that means deleting the existing information or challenging the existing information to think beyond or to think out of the box by being aware or awake. Now it is not as simple as it seems because our mind is programmed this way in many years and deleting this programming is not that easy and requires changing the pattern we see the world and see life. I will be sharing my life’s experience here, where I came to the state where I have been able to see everything in my life as one energy and its just our mind which sees or perceives it differently. That is because we are in ignorant state of mind, as soon as we move from ignorant to aware state or in simple terms from sleeping to waking state, we will be able to understand this entire creation as one energy and hence will be able to accept everything with Love and Harmony. In this article I just touched upon the conditioning of the mind which is cause of all mental problems of every human being who is in a sleeping state, in my next article I will talking about “what awareness is all about?” And how do we get that state. .

— Varsha Sharma.

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Balancing Fire Element

What is compatibility ?

Compatibility issue, it’s a very common phenomena these days, we see people whether they are in business, in office or at home complaining about difference in opinion and mindset.

We usually have a habit of seeing things from our perspective and therefore end up being disheartened, especially in relationship where expectations are always on a higher side and we try mold the other person as per our choice.

Let’s think it from different angle now why two people born in same city or same house still possess different mindset or different thinking pattern, which actually create chaos in relationships.

Let’s go little deeper, every individual who has been on this planet has a chip inside, which takes charge of this life. It is that chip only which executes everything.
Just the way our cellphones are run through unique Sim , Every Individual is also born with a unique composition of Energy or Sim.
In case you want to call a person you need to dial only that specific number provided to the person, no matter you like or dislike that number or service provider that is the SIM which is associated to the person.
Exactly this way we have a SIM or chip which controls everything and we need to use this chip only to manifest anything.

That chip is nothing but our Soul.

The programming of the soul has been done differently for each person depending upon his/her Karma and desire. No two individual ever possess same sort of programming because there are no such possibilities of having same level of karma and desire for two individuals.

Just the way we need make a call to the other person to get connected, we need to activate our soul to connect to our true selves or say divine energy or our higher self.

Now coming back to our basic question again.

Why do we have differences in opinions , this is because every person has been provided a soul which has unique set of programming, No two person can think alike or respond alike, because programming which is done to those individuals bring different outputs (perception, response etc)

Occult science like astrology, numerology is nothing but a method of decoding that programming . You see people suggesting remedies or making prediction which is based on the programming of the the soul , that programming is gauged through study of energy , we are primarily made up of 5 types of energy which are also called 5 elements of nature .

The Composition of these elements is different in each individual and which makes that individual unique again.

These elements are also studied through 9 planets because these 9 planets also represent one of these elements example:-Sun represent fire element etc.

Now coming back to our original topic again. We usually have an issue of difference in opinions due to unique set of programming in each Individual

And to get her rid of this problem is to get a true knowledge of self which says that there is nothing as good or bad, everything happens or executed as per the will of divine power, if you possess certain quality there is always a Divine purpose behind it, that quality or trait may be called as bad or good as per the programming of different set of People. But on fundamental level nothing as right or wrong exist.

But in case you want to bring any change which you thing bring obstacles in your success or then this needs to come from inner self that is your soul that chip. The programming has to be changed, Input has to be changed to bring desired output, and to do this we need to activate our self, and we need to activate our soul.
A proper knowledge of self through meditation and yoga and reading different scriptures helped me understanding myself and to change programming of my soul.

We always have a control on ourselves but we can never change the other person because he is born with unique set of programming which is needed to pay off his last karma. Therefore at last I would say that only way to be compatible with the other person is to accept him/her in as is way, there is no other way.

When we accept a person or situation in as is way, we technically drop ourselves and put it on universe to handle it. Now it becomes its (Universe) choice as to what it wants to do with this situation.
You will either see things changing, or getting rid of that situation or person or would require to accept it little longer until your karma with that person/situation pays off
All. I am trying to say is to understand the science of human nature, its psychology and our soul. It’s really essential to understand the science of karma as well, because when we gain higher knowledge then we take correct decision.

Changing mind set from good or bad to acceptance and accepting divine will is the only way to have peaceful relationship or meaningful life.

There are so much more to share. Will continue in further articles.

Thanks for reading

Stay Divine..Stay tuned.


Free Will

From last couple of years I have been spending lot of time in learning Occult Science, wherein I have been trying to touch upon every branch like Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Tarot Cards reading, and Healing etc. I learned them more for research purpose rather than making prediction for people.

There was one question always in my mind, which revolved around free will, how much things are in our control.

Before answering this we need to be clear about our basic concepts. We need to distribute this creation in two parts 1) Matter 2) Spirit.


When we talk about the creation related to matter we talk about Material World, when we talk of Spirit we call it a Spiritual world. The Material World actually is nothing but a reflection of spiritual world.


Now coming back to our Original question which says, how much we are in control of our destiny. Hence in answer to this I would say that when we are talking about Material world we have Zero power to alter anything, we can’t change a bit of anything in material world. This Material world operates under Time and Space. Where every scene is already scripted, there is no scope to change the scene. Our Body, name, family everything which exists in this word related to Identity in Material world can’t be altered, and life which is scripted for us for this life is scripted such a way that we get trained and then we can go back to our real home which is the spirit world, in order to enter into this world we need to be eligible enough and That’s where our SOUL comes into picture.


Spirituality is derived from the word “Spirit” only, Spirituality is nothing to do with impressing God or executing good karma or Bad karma. Good Karma and Bad Karma again is limited to Material world only but are very significant to take us closer to spirit world.

Our SOUL is super powerful speck of this Universe, it is the only energy manifesting everything in this Universe, the material World also comes into existence due to the this speck of energy, as soon it leaves our body, the material world cease to happen for that person, that person does not remain a person he turns into a body a lifeless body which has been functioning as per Script provided under Time and Space.

Now I am coming back to my question again about free will, it’s our Soul who is in charge of everything and has a charge of free will, free to do anything, free for everything and not this body.

All branches of occult sciences are applied to the body and hence we determine our future, why we determine our future? Because script has already been created for that character.

Our SOUL is aloof of everything, therefor if we want to exercise free will, we can do it in Spiritual world, and that’s where Awareness comes into Picture. An awareness setting is different in every individual, in most of the people SOUL is not awake and therefore they cannot think of free will, they operate as per Time and Space Principal of this creation and bound to receive what is meant for them, there are few people whom we can say as “Enlightened SOULs” or awake soul, who are eligible to get into spirit world and exercise free will.


Awareness is the extract of this creation, it is the greatest treasure which we all are here to attain, Free will is our Right, but choice we have is to stick to the matter or strive for alleviating level of Awareness which takes us to another world.


Spirituality is a process which takes us gradually from Material world to spiritual world.

There are three things I want to make clear.


1)      Free will does exist but not for the character you are right now, but for your SOUL which has no identity, it is the most pure  and powerful energy you can ever think of, beyond understanding of MIND and our senses.

2)      True meaning of Being SPIRITUAL.

3)      AWARENESS which is the key to this entire creation.

Thanks for Reading!!!

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned!!


The Journey of Soul

The book explains:

1) ‌Life on a Deeper Level beyond superficial layers of body, Society and Belief System.

2)‌The Book mostly revolves around Energy and Frequency, because that is what shape our life.
‌It’s an amalgamation of Quantum physics which talks logical about Energy, frequency, Time & Space and Spiritual insight about life, which talks about our intuition and Soul, the spark of Life which Manifests everything.

3)‌Five Elements of Nature, If understood well, we can take our life towards prosperity and Peace,

4)‌The Rarest Secrets of Universe which comes from Major laws, which are Law of Attraction, Law of Love , Law of Karma and Time& Space which have been explained in most simplest language and is life changing and if these principles/Laws are understood well, we can have control over many dimensions of our life.

Book available on multiple platforms:

Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/the-journey-of-soul/p/itmd9655d6c6cd25

Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Journey-Soul-Varsha-Sharma/dp/B08WWX37D4

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Soul-Varsha-Sharma-ebook/dp/B08WPS51SC

The Journey of Soul

The Journey of Soul by Varsha Sharma

The author tried to explain the hidden aspects of life through this book. She tried to explain the law of the universe and the law of the nature in simple language and tried to relate it to our day-to-day lives. We all are following a path of unconscious breath. We stress so much on what we achieve and don’t focus on what we must achieve consciously. And living consciously is the only way of improving the quality of life. Everything that comes unconsciously adds no value to life. Awareness is the key to everything. This is the word which she used throughout and according to her it is the only way to come out of this repetitive pattern of life.

Book available on multiple platforms:

Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/the-journey-of-soul/p/itmd9655d6c6cd25

Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Journey-Soul-Varsha-Sharma/dp/B08WWX37D4

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Soul-Varsha-Sharma-ebook/dp/B08WPS51SC



Listen to your Intuition.

 We hear a lot about Intuition. People many a times name it as gut feeling as well. There are people who believe in intuition and rely upon it to take any decision or to make any choice.

For some people it really works and for others it does not and they even don’t believe this because they are the set of people who are only limited to the five senses and logics and don’t go beyond the limit of mind.

Those who believe also regard it as their sixth sense.

Let’s take a pause here. Is it really a Sixth senses?

Just for the sake of understanding we can name it as your sixth sense. But it is your soul which comes into picture and take charge of the things.

I have written many blogs to explain about Soul and how powerful it is. Please do refer my blog “Soul: Infinite Essence of being” for better understanding of how Soul works and when it is claimed to be powerful .

Let’s understand it this way.
Our level of awareness is directly proportionate to the Soul being in charge of you and your Karma.
It means as the level of awareness increases your soul becomes more and more powerful and is able to direct  you to the correct path.

A fully aware soul is also called an enlightened soul, a soul which is so powerful that entire Universe get assimilated into it and each word and each action it does hold true for that soul.

Our soul can see everything, it can see our past present and future at one point . For this everything falls at one place, and therefore can direct you to take correct decisions and more sensible choice, because it can see everything at one place, it is just our conditioned mind and a soul in a conditioned state which does see everything under the limit of time and space and not powerful enough to guide you

But in an aware state it knows everything for this there is no limitation of time and space.

Therefore, when we talk about the intuition and gut feeling it is not any of our senses, sense will be a very small word to define it, it is our soul which is aware enough and therefore guide us.

Does it work for everyone?

Clearly not, it does not usually work for all, it works for people who directly or indirectly are inclined towards the spirituality and are internally aware enough to get the feel of Intuition.

For those it works would be able to understand that it does not have any language it is a state where you just get to understand things with no logic and name it as intuition .

Meditation and spiritual practices bring awakening and help a soul migrate from ignorant to an aware state

Thanks for reading!

Stay Divine Stay tuned. 

Universe: Treasure to Fulfill Wishes

Universe is the pool of treasure to fulfill all wishes, it can be imagined as having different types of pots filled with wealth, relationship and career etc.

Trick is how to have access to these pots. The key is to align with the flow of Universe, align your frequency to that of Universe.

How can that be done?

I would say practicing and Embracing Gratitude, Gratitude is the key to have an access these pots of treasure.

Though I have discussed and written several times about gratitude but felt like talking more about it and  and let you know that what miracles it can bring in our lives.

Gratitude is highest expression to the Universe, it’s is the best and highest degree of expressing thanks.

We keep expressing to individuals in our day to day life for one or the other thing. Let’s do it with the Universe , the Universe which is responsible for every emotions, scene, character and in short for everything we can ever think of, we can ever imagine.

It is the best way to get tuned with the universe , connecting and exchanging energy with the universe.
Through gratitude you can get things in abundance and release all your negative energy and thoughts

How Negativity is released when we practice Gratitude?

I have written a blog some time back as “ Energy is the Wealth of the Universe”, wherein I have explained that we buy everything in this Universe through Energy, if we direct our energy into negative things, we get more of negative things and events and Vice versa, hence by practicing gratitude when we express thanks , we actually focus on all good things and therefore we invite more of positivity and positive events.

A consistency in this practice, overlap negativity and hence does not leave any room for it.

In gratitude you express your emotions of being thankful to the universe which you are grateful about. The moment you do it you get aligned to the Universe and get agreed to it for what it has provided to you.
Mind it is our feelings towards Universe which works. Mere words out of desires won’t work here. It’s not even gratitude rather, when gratitude is practiced, the frequency at which you radiate change and increases gradually to be aligned and match with the Universe.

I would strongly recommend to go through my article “ Meditation : key to Manifest Desire”, where I have even shown a picture describing frequencies of different states of a being, where Love and Bliss is expressed at higher frequency and guilt, fear and pain radiates at lower frequency.

Just think it this way .what is the difference between the one you are thankful to whom you love, care and adore and when you are thankful to your neighbor, there is a difference of frequency . The frequency is high for the one whom you love, adore, respect and think of.

Be thankful for the person or things which you like and want to be with them.

I would say one more thing here, we should also be thankful for those who hurt and have done anything wrong with you. idea is to be thankful by releasing all your negative karma
Idea here is to not to get into those things and stop them being repeated in your life again. Only through positivity we can stop any negative series of things happening in your life again and again.

Just think it this way. Whatever wrong is happening in your life in terms of career, parenting and most important relationship is the result of your past karma. By crippling more and more on those things, we invite more of such things by investing our energy in it. Because if you radiate on the frequency of hatred, hatred is what you will get in return.

Blessings, prayers and gratitude help you get away those negative thoughts.

We usually come across difficult situations in our life to pay of our karma which stop us reaching to our higher self because in order to do that you need to let go of what you presently are. We do come across difficult situations to bring the best of our personalities, sometimes we are meant for a bigger purpose, for which we go through great transformation, to let go of our present self and attain a better version. 

When we work in our offices, we take so much of pain to get promotion to get a better place, same way a Soul must take pain by paying of existing karma to get a better version, the version which is more aware and conscious.

The difficult situations in our life is also meant for the transformation of our Soul. To purify it and  place it to a better place by burning existing karma.

Hence even negativity or negative people can also be avoided through positivity only.
Meaning, be thankful to even those who hurt you as they helped you burning your karma , but in case you become revengeful about them then you rather invite more for such situations and get stuck into the vicious cycle of karma .

Moving back to our topic, every morning when our mind is fresh and we can easily connect to the universe, all we need to do is to sit quietly and be thankful for everything you are happy about, just increase the list of things which you can be thankful and see the results in 40 days.

See the abundance of positivity and prosperity.

Thanks for reading

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

COV19 Virus: Nature Cleansing Agent.

Hi All, wish everyone is keeping well!

Writing a Blog after such a long time and felt liking writing precisely about COV 19 Virus.

There has been sever deadly diseases in globe like cancer, dengue, HIV + etc. and death toll was also not lesser in these cases as is there with COV 19. It has immerged with no clue about the disease and affected several thousands of people and disturbed the entire economy, it has not only affected the Health, rather entire Globe has come to a halt and even strongest of economies going down in terms of economic progress.

Just take a pause and give it a thought, how come all of a sudden this happened in the span of few weeks, is it just a co-incidence? That too to this scale?

As per me and even many Astrologers and spiritualist, it’s the call of the nature, Nature is going through a cleansing process. It is cleaning itself to start a fresh.

It is high time and we need to understand the fact that “WE CAN NOT SEEK ECONOMIC GROWTH BY KEEPING NATURE AND ALL-NATURAL CREATURES AT STAKE”.

We must understand that nature is super strong, we all rely upon nature for our existence and not vice versa and therefore it is capable enough to protect itself.

In maximum of my blogs, I have written a lot about nature and how it is the reason for our existence. In my article “Five Elements of Nature”, I have explained this so much in detail, as to how our emotional, physical and economic growth are all rely upon Nature and Material Energy.

We are all living in the rented home provided by God, which we use, waste and exploit and don’t eve realize as to what we are doing.

Moving back to our topic, Mother Earth always go through this cleansing process in every era, but the way of cleaning is always used to be different as per the Yuga.

We are all spinning along with the cycle of Life and death, and there is a slow transformation of Nature and all Creatures of the nature is going along.

Once again would like to reiterate: Please save nature, respect all creatures and that is how we will be aligned with the nature and grow, we can never grow while going against the nature.

My blessings to all victims and mother nature, sending my energies to all affected and would request all healers to pray so that mother earth could come to peace so are we all.

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

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