Listen to your Intuition.

 We hear a lot about Intuition. People many a times name it as gut feeling as well. There are people who believe in intuition and rely upon it to take any decision or to make any choice.

For some people it really works and for others it does not and they even don’t believe this because they are the set of people who are only limited to the five senses and logics and don’t go beyond the limit of mind.

Those who believe also regard it as their sixth sense.

Let’s take a pause here. Is it really a Sixth senses?

Just for the sake of understanding we can name it as your sixth sense. But it is your soul which comes into picture and take charge of the things.

I have written many blogs to explain about Soul and how powerful it is. Please do refer my blog “Soul: Infinite Essence of being” for better understanding of how Soul works and when it is claimed to be powerful .

Let’s understand it this way.
Our level of awareness is directly proportionate to the Soul being in charge of you and your Karma.
It means as the level of awareness increases your soul becomes more and more powerful and is able to direct  you to the correct path.

A fully aware soul is also called an enlightened soul, a soul which is so powerful that entire Universe get assimilated into it and each word and each action it does hold true for that soul.

Our soul can see everything, it can see our past present and future at one point . For this everything falls at one place, and therefore can direct you to take correct decisions and more sensible choice, because it can see everything at one place, it is just our conditioned mind and a soul in a conditioned state which does see everything under the limit of time and space and not powerful enough to guide you

But in an aware state it knows everything for this there is no limitation of time and space.

Therefore, when we talk about the intuition and gut feeling it is not any of our senses, sense will be a very small word to define it, it is our soul which is aware enough and therefore guide us.

Does it work for everyone?

Clearly not, it does not usually work for all, it works for people who directly or indirectly are inclined towards the spirituality and are internally aware enough to get the feel of Intuition.

For those it works would be able to understand that it does not have any language it is a state where you just get to understand things with no logic and name it as intuition .

Meditation and spiritual practices bring awakening and help a soul migrate from ignorant to an aware state

Thanks for reading!

Stay Divine Stay tuned. 

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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    1. Thanks purpose here is to take such topics with deep meaning in simple language across.

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