Universe: Treasure to Fulfill Wishes

Universe is the pool of treasure to fulfill all wishes, it can be imagined as having different types of pots filled with wealth, relationship and career etc.

Trick is how to have access to these pots. The key is to align with the flow of Universe, align your frequency to that of Universe.

How can that be done?

I would say practicing and Embracing Gratitude, Gratitude is the key to have an access these pots of treasure.

Though I have discussed and written several times about gratitude but felt like talking more about it and  and let you know that what miracles it can bring in our lives.

Gratitude is highest expression to the Universe, it’s is the best and highest degree of expressing thanks.

We keep expressing to individuals in our day to day life for one or the other thing. Let’s do it with the Universe , the Universe which is responsible for every emotions, scene, character and in short for everything we can ever think of, we can ever imagine.

It is the best way to get tuned with the universe , connecting and exchanging energy with the universe.
Through gratitude you can get things in abundance and release all your negative energy and thoughts

How Negativity is released when we practice Gratitude?

I have written a blog some time back as “ Energy is the Wealth of the Universe”, wherein I have explained that we buy everything in this Universe through Energy, if we direct our energy into negative things, we get more of negative things and events and Vice versa, hence by practicing gratitude when we express thanks , we actually focus on all good things and therefore we invite more of positivity and positive events.

A consistency in this practice, overlap negativity and hence does not leave any room for it.

In gratitude you express your emotions of being thankful to the universe which you are grateful about. The moment you do it you get aligned to the Universe and get agreed to it for what it has provided to you.
Mind it is our feelings towards Universe which works. Mere words out of desires won’t work here. It’s not even gratitude rather, when gratitude is practiced, the frequency at which you radiate change and increases gradually to be aligned and match with the Universe.

I would strongly recommend to go through my article “ Meditation : key to Manifest Desire”, where I have even shown a picture describing frequencies of different states of a being, where Love and Bliss is expressed at higher frequency and guilt, fear and pain radiates at lower frequency.

Just think it this way .what is the difference between the one you are thankful to whom you love, care and adore and when you are thankful to your neighbor, there is a difference of frequency . The frequency is high for the one whom you love, adore, respect and think of.

Be thankful for the person or things which you like and want to be with them.

I would say one more thing here, we should also be thankful for those who hurt and have done anything wrong with you. idea is to be thankful by releasing all your negative karma
Idea here is to not to get into those things and stop them being repeated in your life again. Only through positivity we can stop any negative series of things happening in your life again and again.

Just think it this way. Whatever wrong is happening in your life in terms of career, parenting and most important relationship is the result of your past karma. By crippling more and more on those things, we invite more of such things by investing our energy in it. Because if you radiate on the frequency of hatred, hatred is what you will get in return.

Blessings, prayers and gratitude help you get away those negative thoughts.

We usually come across difficult situations in our life to pay of our karma which stop us reaching to our higher self because in order to do that you need to let go of what you presently are. We do come across difficult situations to bring the best of our personalities, sometimes we are meant for a bigger purpose, for which we go through great transformation, to let go of our present self and attain a better version. 

When we work in our offices, we take so much of pain to get promotion to get a better place, same way a Soul must take pain by paying of existing karma to get a better version, the version which is more aware and conscious.

The difficult situations in our life is also meant for the transformation of our Soul. To purify it and  place it to a better place by burning existing karma.

Hence even negativity or negative people can also be avoided through positivity only.
Meaning, be thankful to even those who hurt you as they helped you burning your karma , but in case you become revengeful about them then you rather invite more for such situations and get stuck into the vicious cycle of karma .

Moving back to our topic, every morning when our mind is fresh and we can easily connect to the universe, all we need to do is to sit quietly and be thankful for everything you are happy about, just increase the list of things which you can be thankful and see the results in 40 days.

See the abundance of positivity and prosperity.

Thanks for reading

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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