What is compatibility ?

Compatibility issue, it’s a very common phenomena these days, we see people whether they are in business, in office or at home complaining about difference in opinion and mindset.

We usually have a habit of seeing things from our perspective and therefore end up being disheartened, especially in relationship where expectations are always on a higher side and we try mold the other person as per our choice.

Let’s think it from different angle now why two people born in same city or same house still possess different mindset or different thinking pattern, which actually create chaos in relationships.

Let’s go little deeper, every individual who has been on this planet has a chip inside, which takes charge of this life. It is that chip only which executes everything.
Just the way our cellphones are run through unique Sim , Every Individual is also born with a unique composition of Energy or Sim.
In case you want to call a person you need to dial only that specific number provided to the person, no matter you like or dislike that number or service provider that is the SIM which is associated to the person.
Exactly this way we have a SIM or chip which controls everything and we need to use this chip only to manifest anything.

That chip is nothing but our Soul.

The programming of the soul has been done differently for each person depending upon his/her Karma and desire. No two individual ever possess same sort of programming because there are no such possibilities of having same level of karma and desire for two individuals.

Just the way we need make a call to the other person to get connected, we need to activate our soul to connect to our true selves or say divine energy or our higher self.

Now coming back to our basic question again.

Why do we have differences in opinions , this is because every person has been provided a soul which has unique set of programming, No two person can think alike or respond alike, because programming which is done to those individuals bring different outputs (perception, response etc)

Occult science like astrology, numerology is nothing but a method of decoding that programming . You see people suggesting remedies or making prediction which is based on the programming of the the soul , that programming is gauged through study of energy , we are primarily made up of 5 types of energy which are also called 5 elements of nature .

The Composition of these elements is different in each individual and which makes that individual unique again.

These elements are also studied through 9 planets because these 9 planets also represent one of these elements example:-Sun represent fire element etc.

Now coming back to our original topic again. We usually have an issue of difference in opinions due to unique set of programming in each Individual

And to get her rid of this problem is to get a true knowledge of self which says that there is nothing as good or bad, everything happens or executed as per the will of divine power, if you possess certain quality there is always a Divine purpose behind it, that quality or trait may be called as bad or good as per the programming of different set of People. But on fundamental level nothing as right or wrong exist.

But in case you want to bring any change which you thing bring obstacles in your success or then this needs to come from inner self that is your soul that chip. The programming has to be changed, Input has to be changed to bring desired output, and to do this we need to activate our self, and we need to activate our soul.
A proper knowledge of self through meditation and yoga and reading different scriptures helped me understanding myself and to change programming of my soul.

We always have a control on ourselves but we can never change the other person because he is born with unique set of programming which is needed to pay off his last karma. Therefore at last I would say that only way to be compatible with the other person is to accept him/her in as is way, there is no other way.

When we accept a person or situation in as is way, we technically drop ourselves and put it on universe to handle it. Now it becomes its (Universe) choice as to what it wants to do with this situation.
You will either see things changing, or getting rid of that situation or person or would require to accept it little longer until your karma with that person/situation pays off
All. I am trying to say is to understand the science of human nature, its psychology and our soul. It’s really essential to understand the science of karma as well, because when we gain higher knowledge then we take correct decision.

Changing mind set from good or bad to acceptance and accepting divine will is the only way to have peaceful relationship or meaningful life.

There are so much more to share. Will continue in further articles.

Thanks for reading

Stay Divine..Stay tuned.


The Journey of Soul

The book explains:

1) ‌Life on a Deeper Level beyond superficial layers of body, Society and Belief System.

2)‌The Book mostly revolves around Energy and Frequency, because that is what shape our life.
‌It’s an amalgamation of Quantum physics which talks logical about Energy, frequency, Time & Space and Spiritual insight about life, which talks about our intuition and Soul, the spark of Life which Manifests everything.

3)‌Five Elements of Nature, If understood well, we can take our life towards prosperity and Peace,

4)‌The Rarest Secrets of Universe which comes from Major laws, which are Law of Attraction, Law of Love , Law of Karma and Time& Space which have been explained in most simplest language and is life changing and if these principles/Laws are understood well, we can have control over many dimensions of our life.

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The Journey of Soul

The Journey of Soul by Varsha Sharma

The author tried to explain the hidden aspects of life through this book. She tried to explain the law of the universe and the law of the nature in simple language and tried to relate it to our day-to-day lives. We all are following a path of unconscious breath. We stress so much on what we achieve and don’t focus on what we must achieve consciously. And living consciously is the only way of improving the quality of life. Everything that comes unconsciously adds no value to life. Awareness is the key to everything. This is the word which she used throughout and according to her it is the only way to come out of this repetitive pattern of life.

Book available on multiple platforms:

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Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Soul-Varsha-Sharma-ebook/dp/B08WPS51SC


Thank You!!

I would Like to say a heartily thank you to all for reading and appreciating my blogs. A great amount of Motivation and a beautiful Start of the new Year!!!

It just been three months since I have started writting blogs and this response in this small period of time is just unexpected and apsolutely motivating.

Special thanks to Ianus Christius and Craig lock for appreciating and choosing Divine Expressions  for guest blogging .

My First Blog Post

The conditioned Mind

Divine Xprressions

The Conditioned Mind

We have all heard a lot about the words like” Conditioning of Mind” or Conditioned Mind”. What exactly is it? And what do we understand by the word “Conditioned”. Conditioned means something which is not free, something which is programmed and has a limitation. So, when we say conditioned Mind, it simply means a mind which is not free, is already programmed and has a limitation, a mind which cannot think beyond. In our Daily life, anything and everything we see, perceive and respond is very much affected by the conditioning (programming) of our mind, just like the way we program a software and it works accordingly our mind is also conditioned which responds, reacts, interpret, judge people and situation as per the programming done. Now the question comes how does a conditioning of Mind happens? and how every single individual has a different programming basis which…

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Destiny Or Desire??

Several times there is question comes to our mind if our life is driven by destiny or Desire. I have found people saying “Sab Kismat ka khel hai” means everything is predestined on the other hand there is another set of people who say and believe that their life is totally in their hand. On this I would like to say that both statements are correct, let me explain how.
The situations provided to us in our life is not in our hand, they are predestined, based on our past karmas but how do we deal or respond to those situations is completely our choice. for Example: Our parents, home, society, life partner etc. are all predestined but how do we deal with those situations is in our hand, actions we perform to those situations create our future destiny.

Our destiny is made up of our past choices in order words it is the residual of our previous karma. In case we want to change our destiny, we need to change our present Karma. since we cannot change our past karma our present situation can not also be altered. Now here comes a mind fulness which we really need to look into. Let me explain it with an example, suppose you marry a girl/guy who abuse you and you are not having a peace full relation, now this situation came to your life due to your past life karma where you would have tormented this person same way and therefore in this life your spouse is now tormenting you. In this  scenario a normal person would keep a mindset of revenge and would reciprocate same way and this vicious cycle goes on and do not finish, In order to give this an end the person has to be mindful and conscious enough and display such an attitude that this cycle break and do not be part of the future destiny. In this situation I would recommend the most powerful way is to meditate and visualize for a harmonious relationship because visualization has a power of manifestation, bring about patience and forgive his/her spouse because you need to understand that this situation is driven by your past actions.
As per Vedic principle Every action has an equal and opposite reaction that means any action, we create today further pave path to create future destiny. Here action does not mean just a movement of physical body, it includes our words and thoughts as well which makes an impact to the outer realm.
We need to be very mind full even about what we think, because our thoughts create blue print of the event in the Universe which manifest later our thoughts also radiate energy and energy has power to manifest.
I don’t want to end it this with a confusing note and would like to say that our life is definitely our choice as long as we keep an eye on our present action, this requires a great level of Mindfulness and Awareness because we always need to deal with present situation and then perform better over them to make desired future.

A shift to spirituality is the only way to understand the function of Universe and get ourselves aligned to this Cosmos, this way it always takes us to the path which is best planed for us.