Meditation : Process of raising level of awareness

In my almost all blogs I have mentioned that raising level of awareness is all we need to live life with full potential, anything done in the state of awareness is a truth and anything done in sleeping or ignorant state is falsity and it would not be wrong if I say that almost entire human kind ( living only few) is in deep ignorant state hence whatever actions they perform in this state are false.

Let me try to explain the state of awareness which is difficult to do , but will try my best to explain it. When I am saying the state of awareness I meant the state where our soul is awake, free and Independent  and in charge of all our actions, in sleeping state it is our body which is performing actions under the control of three modes of nature : the state of goodness, the state of passion and the state ignorance.

These states we can say is like three kinds of material energies ( Maya) under which we all of us are under control of. It is these energies only which make us do things but it seems to us as if we performing these actions at our own will but the truth is that we are all conditioned souls ( until liberated ) and sort of puppets of these energies as somebody has to take charge of our actions when our souls are sleeping . I will be talking about these modes of nature separately where each of our soul is under control of one of these forces and which force we are under control of is determined by our past actions and level of ignorance we possess. A deep ignorant soul works under the state of ignorance, a slight aware soul works under the state of passion and further improved level of aware soul works under the state of goodness. I will be taking about these forces in detail which I myself learnt from ” Bhagwad geeta” the most referred Hindu Scripture.

 Now moving into our original topic, Meditation is a process which helps liberate our soul and free it from the clutches of these forces and our soul becomes in charge of all his/her actions. Under Meditation we make a connection to the Divine energy/superior energy or higher self to charge our Soul to make it wake up.

Our soul is a part and parcel of superior energy hence our soul replenishes itself from superior energy, we have an eternal relationship with Divine energy which we don’t understand till the time we are in ignorant state. the access of superior energy is possible through Meditation (Dhyana). During this process our soul feels completed , peaceful and ecstatic. But that feeling does not come easily , it requires practice, concentration and a desire to unite with Divine energy.

Our Mind wanders a lot , really a lot, it’s not easy for our mind initially to sit quietly at one place for long because we have not taught our mind this thing, it keeps working, it is full of information.

During meditation our goal is to make it concentrate, make it sit quiet. In order to understand it better please refer my article “The Conditioned Mind“. This will help understand the conditioning of our mind better which is great obstruction to our liberation.

There are several methods of Meditation, people use different methods not everyone has same path to liberation you can always choose the one best for you. There are several methods already available on YouTube or google which you can refer as per your convenience but I will share the process which I follow for myself in my next blog.

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Water: Your Emotions!!

Water is our emotions!!!

How you deal with water is how your emotions are treated. Water is consisting of energy of Moon and Moon manages every individual’s emotions. how you treat water is what determines how your emotions are treated and these emotions then determine your relationships and your moods, especially those who are born with afflicted moon, needs to take utmost care of how you use water. People with afflicted moon already suffer with emotional trauma and depression hence water element becomes even more important to be careful about. Hence such people should be treated water carefully.

There are few very simple Do’s and Don’ts I have provided below, which should be inculcated in our day to day Life.

  • Avoid Wasting Water, especially applicable for people having tendency of negative thoughts or people born with afflicted Moon.
  • Never leave water in glass while consuming in restaurant or home. Wasted water means wasted emotions, in other words their emotions are not respected. Just take only that amount of water which you can drink, lets understand in detail. when you drink water part of your energy get absorbed by water, as we know water is a great absorbent of information, now if you leave some amount of water in glass which usually thrown or wasted, it has a negative impact on your emotions.
  •  Not putting picture of any pond or any other picture where static water is represented, as it resonates the energy of stagnant emotions which cause mental issues, we can keep flowing water or can keep rotational water like fountain at home but there is always a direction to keep such items which we need to consider before placing.

Thanks for reading, Hope you will be a bit mindful while using water after reading this piece.

My First Blog Post

The Conditioned Mind

We have all heard a lot about the words like” Conditioning of Mind” or Conditioned Mind”. What exactly is it? And what do we understand by the word “Conditioned”. Conditioned means something which is not free, something which is programmed and has a limitation. So, when we say conditioned Mind, it simply means a mind which is not free, is already programmed and has a limitation, a mind which cannot think beyond. In our Daily life, anything and everything we see, perceive and respond is very much affected by the conditioning (programming) of our mind, just like the way we program a software and it works accordingly our mind is also conditioned which responds, reacts, interpret, judge people and situation as per the programming done. Now the question comes how does a conditioning of Mind happens? and how every single individual has a different programming basis which they see life, they see world. The conditioning of Mind happens due to the information fed into our mind over a period and this information is accumulated due to the factors like Geography (country you belong to), religion, culture, society, educations system and most important our belief system. Hence as we grow old our mind is puffed up with such information and programming gets rigid and more rigid and there comes a reason when we start categorizing everything we see, smell, touch and feel (our senses, I am referring here) like good and bad, ugly and beautiful, right and wrong and so on. Hence our mind only thinks and reacts asper the information it has received over a period and hence becomes a slave of it, it drives us, and we become a slave of it. On a Fundamental level , everything is made up of energy and that is something science has already proved and the source of Energy is also same , hence everything in this world which we can see and things which we can’t see are same as they are all made up of same energy but we perceive it differently because there is a definition provided for each thing and we can’t see beyond that definition. For example when water is boiled it changes its shape and turns into steam, but actually we all know that both are same energy it’s the pattern which has changed ,the same logic applies our life, it’s just that we need to accept the fact that every individual is a unique pattern and hence we don’t need to categorize them rather accepting and see them the way they are. Also, since each person has been grown up differently so is his mind and therefore one single thing is perceived differently by two individuals because they have been grown up differently. I don’t say that its bad to follow any belief system and not being systematic while dealing with situation or people, but all I am trying to say is to stay aware and accepting the things they are rather than judging them or giving them a label. The Life is vey simple, everything which is around us is so simple and beautiful, it’s just our rigidity and way of labeling things which makes it so complicated and miserable. It is just our mind which makes our life easy and difficult and not people and situations really. Since we don’t accept them the way they are and try to manipulate them as per the information fed into our mind we end up getting stuck into the vicious cycle. We really need to understand the fact that it is only and only our mind which makes our life beautiful or miserable and once we become little aware of this fact then life will really be very peaceful and easy to live, our relationships will get better, we will be able to lead a satisfying life with same amount of resources and situations. Now to do this, all we need to do is to unconditioned our mind, that means deleting the existing information or challenging the existing information to think beyond or to think out of the box by being aware or awake. Now it is not as simple as it seems because our mind is programmed this way in many years and deleting this programming is not that easy and requires changing the pattern we see the world and see life. I will be sharing my life’s experience here, where I came to the state where I have been able to see everything in my life as one energy and its just our mind which sees or perceives it differently. That is because we are in ignorant state of mind, as soon as we move from ignorant to aware state or in simple terms from sleeping to waking state, we will be able to understand this entire creation as one energy and hence will be able to accept everything with Love and Harmony. In this article I just touched upon the conditioning of the mind which is cause of all mental problems of every human being who is in a sleeping state, in my next article I will talking about “what awareness is all about?” And how do we get that state. .

— Varsha Sharma.

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