The Journey Of Soul

The Journey of Soul

The book explains:

1) ‌Life on a Deeper Level beyond superficial layers of body, Society and Belief System.

2)‌The Book mostly revolves around Energy and Frequency, because that is what shape our life.
‌It’s an amalgamation of Quantum physics which talks logical about Energy, frequency, Time & Space and Spiritual insight about life, which talks about our intuition and Soul, the spark of Life which Manifests everything.

3)‌Five Elements of Nature, If understood well, we can take our life towards prosperity and Peace,

4)‌The Rarest Secrets of Universe which comes from Major laws, which are Law of Attraction, Law of Love , Law of Karma and Time& Space which have been explained in most simplest language and is life changing and if these principles/Laws are understood well, we can have control over many dimensions of our life.

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The Journey of Soul

The Journey of Soul by Varsha Sharma

The author tried to explain the hidden aspects of life through this book. She tried to explain the law of the universe and the law of the nature in simple language and tried to relate it to our day-to-day lives. We all are following a path of unconscious breath. We stress so much on what we achieve and don’t focus on what we must achieve consciously. And living consciously is the only way of improving the quality of life. Everything that comes unconsciously adds no value to life. Awareness is the key to everything. This is the word which she used throughout and according to her it is the only way to come out of this repetitive pattern of life.

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Listen to your Intuition.

 We hear a lot about Intuition. People many a times name it as gut feeling as well. There are people who believe in intuition and rely upon it to take any decision or to make any choice.

For some people it really works and for others it does not and they even don’t believe this because they are the set of people who are only limited to the five senses and logics and don’t go beyond the limit of mind.

Those who believe also regard it as their sixth sense.

Let’s take a pause here. Is it really a Sixth senses?

Just for the sake of understanding we can name it as your sixth sense. But it is your soul which comes into picture and take charge of the things.

I have written many blogs to explain about Soul and how powerful it is. Please do refer my blog “Soul: Infinite Essence of being” for better understanding of how Soul works and when it is claimed to be powerful .

Let’s understand it this way.
Our level of awareness is directly proportionate to the Soul being in charge of you and your Karma.
It means as the level of awareness increases your soul becomes more and more powerful and is able to direct  you to the correct path.

A fully aware soul is also called an enlightened soul, a soul which is so powerful that entire Universe get assimilated into it and each word and each action it does hold true for that soul.

Our soul can see everything, it can see our past present and future at one point . For this everything falls at one place, and therefore can direct you to take correct decisions and more sensible choice, because it can see everything at one place, it is just our conditioned mind and a soul in a conditioned state which does see everything under the limit of time and space and not powerful enough to guide you

But in an aware state it knows everything for this there is no limitation of time and space.

Therefore, when we talk about the intuition and gut feeling it is not any of our senses, sense will be a very small word to define it, it is our soul which is aware enough and therefore guide us.

Does it work for everyone?

Clearly not, it does not usually work for all, it works for people who directly or indirectly are inclined towards the spirituality and are internally aware enough to get the feel of Intuition.

For those it works would be able to understand that it does not have any language it is a state where you just get to understand things with no logic and name it as intuition .

Meditation and spiritual practices bring awakening and help a soul migrate from ignorant to an aware state

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Stay Divine Stay tuned. 

Universe: Treasure to Fulfill Wishes

Universe is the pool of treasure to fulfill all wishes, it can be imagined as having different types of pots filled with wealth, relationship and career etc.

Trick is how to have access to these pots. The key is to align with the flow of Universe, align your frequency to that of Universe.

How can that be done?

I would say practicing and Embracing Gratitude, Gratitude is the key to have an access these pots of treasure.

Though I have discussed and written several times about gratitude but felt like talking more about it and  and let you know that what miracles it can bring in our lives.

Gratitude is highest expression to the Universe, it’s is the best and highest degree of expressing thanks.

We keep expressing to individuals in our day to day life for one or the other thing. Let’s do it with the Universe , the Universe which is responsible for every emotions, scene, character and in short for everything we can ever think of, we can ever imagine.

It is the best way to get tuned with the universe , connecting and exchanging energy with the universe.
Through gratitude you can get things in abundance and release all your negative energy and thoughts

How Negativity is released when we practice Gratitude?

I have written a blog some time back as “ Energy is the Wealth of the Universe”, wherein I have explained that we buy everything in this Universe through Energy, if we direct our energy into negative things, we get more of negative things and events and Vice versa, hence by practicing gratitude when we express thanks , we actually focus on all good things and therefore we invite more of positivity and positive events.

A consistency in this practice, overlap negativity and hence does not leave any room for it.

In gratitude you express your emotions of being thankful to the universe which you are grateful about. The moment you do it you get aligned to the Universe and get agreed to it for what it has provided to you.
Mind it is our feelings towards Universe which works. Mere words out of desires won’t work here. It’s not even gratitude rather, when gratitude is practiced, the frequency at which you radiate change and increases gradually to be aligned and match with the Universe.

I would strongly recommend to go through my article “ Meditation : key to Manifest Desire”, where I have even shown a picture describing frequencies of different states of a being, where Love and Bliss is expressed at higher frequency and guilt, fear and pain radiates at lower frequency.

Just think it this way .what is the difference between the one you are thankful to whom you love, care and adore and when you are thankful to your neighbor, there is a difference of frequency . The frequency is high for the one whom you love, adore, respect and think of.

Be thankful for the person or things which you like and want to be with them.

I would say one more thing here, we should also be thankful for those who hurt and have done anything wrong with you. idea is to be thankful by releasing all your negative karma
Idea here is to not to get into those things and stop them being repeated in your life again. Only through positivity we can stop any negative series of things happening in your life again and again.

Just think it this way. Whatever wrong is happening in your life in terms of career, parenting and most important relationship is the result of your past karma. By crippling more and more on those things, we invite more of such things by investing our energy in it. Because if you radiate on the frequency of hatred, hatred is what you will get in return.

Blessings, prayers and gratitude help you get away those negative thoughts.

We usually come across difficult situations in our life to pay of our karma which stop us reaching to our higher self because in order to do that you need to let go of what you presently are. We do come across difficult situations to bring the best of our personalities, sometimes we are meant for a bigger purpose, for which we go through great transformation, to let go of our present self and attain a better version. 

When we work in our offices, we take so much of pain to get promotion to get a better place, same way a Soul must take pain by paying of existing karma to get a better version, the version which is more aware and conscious.

The difficult situations in our life is also meant for the transformation of our Soul. To purify it and  place it to a better place by burning existing karma.

Hence even negativity or negative people can also be avoided through positivity only.
Meaning, be thankful to even those who hurt you as they helped you burning your karma , but in case you become revengeful about them then you rather invite more for such situations and get stuck into the vicious cycle of karma .

Moving back to our topic, every morning when our mind is fresh and we can easily connect to the universe, all we need to do is to sit quietly and be thankful for everything you are happy about, just increase the list of things which you can be thankful and see the results in 40 days.

See the abundance of positivity and prosperity.

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Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

COV19 Virus: Nature Cleansing Agent.

Hi All, wish everyone is keeping well!

Writing a Blog after such a long time and felt liking writing precisely about COV 19 Virus.

There has been sever deadly diseases in globe like cancer, dengue, HIV + etc. and death toll was also not lesser in these cases as is there with COV 19. It has immerged with no clue about the disease and affected several thousands of people and disturbed the entire economy, it has not only affected the Health, rather entire Globe has come to a halt and even strongest of economies going down in terms of economic progress.

Just take a pause and give it a thought, how come all of a sudden this happened in the span of few weeks, is it just a co-incidence? That too to this scale?

As per me and even many Astrologers and spiritualist, it’s the call of the nature, Nature is going through a cleansing process. It is cleaning itself to start a fresh.

It is high time and we need to understand the fact that “WE CAN NOT SEEK ECONOMIC GROWTH BY KEEPING NATURE AND ALL-NATURAL CREATURES AT STAKE”.

We must understand that nature is super strong, we all rely upon nature for our existence and not vice versa and therefore it is capable enough to protect itself.

In maximum of my blogs, I have written a lot about nature and how it is the reason for our existence. In my article “Five Elements of Nature”, I have explained this so much in detail, as to how our emotional, physical and economic growth are all rely upon Nature and Material Energy.

We are all living in the rented home provided by God, which we use, waste and exploit and don’t eve realize as to what we are doing.

Moving back to our topic, Mother Earth always go through this cleansing process in every era, but the way of cleaning is always used to be different as per the Yuga.

We are all spinning along with the cycle of Life and death, and there is a slow transformation of Nature and all Creatures of the nature is going along.

Once again would like to reiterate: Please save nature, respect all creatures and that is how we will be aligned with the nature and grow, we can never grow while going against the nature.

My blessings to all victims and mother nature, sending my energies to all affected and would request all healers to pray so that mother earth could come to peace so are we all.

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

What Color of Belief System Do You Follow?

We all follow a set of belief system. A system which give direction to our life.

The belief system usually is structured and a pattern we all follow though this pattern might be different for different set of people. I have no intention to define what belief system is all about, guess we all are pretty aligned on this, rather I would like to focus on how belief system is being regarded and adapted by different set of people.

Different sections of people follow different set of belief system for example in Hindu culture the color amber is regarded very auspicious therefore Hindu usually use this color in all auspicious occasions and wear this color in all rituals whereas Muslims use green color for all such practices, Christians follow white so on and so forth.

It’s their belief system which makes them feel that their life is going in right direction. The conditioning that things are moving to right direction if these belief systems are being followed properly.

For the sake of understanding let’s assume that these belief systems are like houses of different colors. Some people like to live in the house of amber color and few want to live in white house and so on.
And we all assume that the color of house we are living in is the perfect because that is where we feel comfortable because our mind and rather entire life style become conditioned enough to just accept no color other than that.

Now let’s think it from other perspective. In actual we all love our home, home which protects us provide shelter to live, place to spend time with the family, place where we eat, sleep and share things with the family. It is very important and basic need and one of the three basic needs we need to run our life. It is essential and important be it of any color.

But Can we Spend our entire life living in the house we love, the color of house we feel protected in?

We go out to see the world , to travel across the world, cities , street etc. , to experience different places, to experience different activities .We go out of home to earn our living.

That does not mean that our home is not important our home is important at the end of everything to take shelter and most important for emotional support and wellbeing. we need to go home of respective colors and design, but we can’t afford to live and spend our entire life in that house how bigger and beautiful it is.

Even if you are provided with the best house of the world. You will start feeling suffocated in few weeks itself. Not only that you won’t be able to grow if you are not allowed to meet people who live in different color of houses or are not allowed to travel and see that world.

Just think how small and limited this life will become. It will make us sick both by body and mind if we limit ourselves due to the one style and color of home, we have chosen for ourselves for the rest of our life.

Please follow the example explained above carefully because exactly how our belief system works. We become so adamant to our belief system that we stop to look possibilities of life outside the conditioning due to the single line of belief system.

Our soul gets depleted, our level of awareness and consciousness goes down as we become rigid towards any pattern of living. We see this in ourselves as frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled beings which is a sigh of our depleted or sick soul but we don’t understand as what it is for ? We need to make ourselves free of any pattern and align to unlimited possibilities of life. We have no idea as how conditioned we have become while following our belief system.

The belief system is important just like our home as it provides a pattern to our living. we need to follow a pattern to make our living as long as we have a physical body.

But at the same time we need to think ourselves as a conscious beings. Our capacity is unlimited, our consciousness has a capacity to extend itself till the limit of the Universe. But we usually don’t let it grow or expand due to the rigidity of our mind. We get stick to the pattern so much that we don’t see the unlimited possibilities this life and universe can offer us.

We have caged ourselves with our own belief system, and not ready to come out of that cage.
We need to come out of our respective houses and experience life and look for the other possibilities to grow as a Soul and expand our awareness.

Our consciousness is very wide, we need to relish the unlimited possibilities of life because that is the ultimate purpose of every soul, to look beyond, to experience beyond, identify our true identity and become one with the supreme energy

Expand your horizon and expand you Awareness. Experience the divinity around you. Which is one and has no particular color because all colors when merged together become one and as pure as white.

We need to make ourselves pure and transparent by embracing all colors.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Divine Stay Tuned.

Who Is Perfect??

Don’t we hear several times people labelling themselves or others as Perfect!
The illusion of considering ourselves perfect is the greatest imperfection itself and we human beings are the greatest example of imperfection. Due to this imperfection only, we are sent to earth to deal with our imperfections. we go through the cycle of karma and desire to move ourselves gradually towards the perfection.

Now question again, who is perfect?

A Soul which is in a state of complete knowledge which is in the state of supreme and ultimate truth is perfect and nobody else.

We human beings commit several errors in the entire day. We do several tasks the entire day and commit several errors, take up several tasks and projects every time and go through errors and failure. These all are the perfect example of imperfection. We can talk about 1000 of more such examples to reach to the conclusion that we are imperfect being. We grow, do mistakes, learn and move forward and learn new things more, to grow further and this is how we move till the end of our life. To elaborate more on this in wider scale, a Soul travels one body to another body, experience different life in order to grow, in order to move gradually towards perfection.

In the State of Perfection there is no scope to grow, it is complete and enough. there is no scope of error or failure

Question again who is perfect?

Now let’s see it from another dimension. We get up every morning see sun rising, does sun ever commit any error while rising or choosing the direction. Does earth ever commit any error when revolves around the sun or while rotating at its orbit, see the entire solar system do they ever commit any error while rotating or while going retrograde and trust me any small error out there means destruction of everything. that means there is no scope of error out there. they are perfect Divine energies. Nature is perfect example of the Perfection.

Let’s come closer now. Look beautiful flowers around, see them growing, see how it rains. see how wind flows, these are the examples of perfection.

It’s only Divine energy which is perfect, and maintains a balance in this entire universe, No scope of error no impression of failure and success .

It is all perfect !!!

That’s a different thing that it is we human beings who bring about huge imbalance in this equilibrium which divine energy has maintained for us through Nature which is an another great example of human beings, being an imperfect beings.

What facilitates perfection.

Love facilitate perfection, the greatest power of the universe.

Go back and check Sun, it provides same warmth to all beings be it wise or a demonic person, observe water, it quests thirst of all beings be it wise or demonic in nature .

It’s there unconditional love, Which again cannot be felt by imperfect beings because it’s unconditional but we are conditioned souls, and it is Love, Compassion and Gratitude which takes us from Conditioned Soul to an Aware and Free Soul, a Soul which comes to the state of perfection, the state of pure love.

Embrace love. Embrace nature. Embrace Divine energy in as is form.

Just surrender to this nature, Surrender to the divine and this is how you will turn into love, will turn into divine energy.

The energy which is perfect and in the state of perfect knowledge.

Thanks for reading !

Stay Divine Stay Tuned.

Love Is The Most Powerful Expression Of The Universe!!

Love is the most powerful expression of the universe, literally capable of altering anything. This video is a best example to showcase this. All animals of absolute different nature along with this man are living together just out of the power of Love and compassion.