COV19 Virus: Nature Cleansing Agent.

Hi All, wish everyone is keeping well!

Writing a Blog after such a long time and felt liking writing precisely about COV 19 Virus.

There has been sever deadly diseases in globe like cancer, dengue, HIV + etc. and death toll was also not lesser in these cases as is there with COV 19. It has immerged with no clue about the disease and affected several thousands of people and disturbed the entire economy, it has not only affected the Health, rather entire Globe has come to a halt and even strongest of economies going down in terms of economic progress.

Just take a pause and give it a thought, how come all of a sudden this happened in the span of few weeks, is it just a co-incidence? That too to this scale?

As per me and even many Astrologers and spiritualist, it’s the call of the nature, Nature is going through a cleansing process. It is cleaning itself to start a fresh.

It is high time and we need to understand the fact that “WE CAN NOT SEEK ECONOMIC GROWTH BY KEEPING NATURE AND ALL-NATURAL CREATURES AT STAKE”.

We must understand that nature is super strong, we all rely upon nature for our existence and not vice versa and therefore it is capable enough to protect itself.

In maximum of my blogs, I have written a lot about nature and how it is the reason for our existence. In my article “Five Elements of Nature”, I have explained this so much in detail, as to how our emotional, physical and economic growth are all rely upon Nature and Material Energy.

We are all living in the rented home provided by God, which we use, waste and exploit and don’t eve realize as to what we are doing.

Moving back to our topic, Mother Earth always go through this cleansing process in every era, but the way of cleaning is always used to be different as per the Yuga.

We are all spinning along with the cycle of Life and death, and there is a slow transformation of Nature and all Creatures of the nature is going along.

Once again would like to reiterate: Please save nature, respect all creatures and that is how we will be aligned with the nature and grow, we can never grow while going against the nature.

My blessings to all victims and mother nature, sending my energies to all affected and would request all healers to pray so that mother earth could come to peace so are we all.

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Divine. Stay Tuned.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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