Accumulation of karma = releasing of karma along with interest

Seems Strange Right? lets see what does that mean.

When we accumulate our karma without letting it released by intefering and controlling material energy we end up paying them back along with interest.

Lets Understand it this way. Whenever if come across any bad/difficult phase or moment of our life like problems related to career , relationship, property etc. We resort to several ways to avoid such situations some of them are explained below:

  • Black magic : This method of manipulating Material energy is very much prevalent in several parts of India, In this process material energy is controlled in unnatural way for getting certain wishes fulfilled, by changing the direction of the Energy and useit for fulfillment of certain desire.

there are few people who are really good at it, as explained before, everything is made up of energy and people with ignorant mindset take advantage of it and use this energy in unnatural way by interfering  in the natural rhythm of the Universe.

There are people who think it to be a superstition but that is very well possible , but aftermaths of such actions are really dangerous , the karma we are avoiding, the problem and pains we are avoiding by manipulation through unnatural way later comes with interest . The events we are avoiding today will come back with more intensive results.

  • Fire rituals ( yagya,) : people in India must be aware of the yagya thing it almost happens everywhere in every house where we try fulfill certain desires using material energy.

Please note we are using fire element of material nature here to fulfill our desire .Please go through my blog ” five elements of nature ” to better understand the Material energy.

When we influence material energy it works and it helps fulfilling our desires but we can never get rid of our accumulated karma. We can avoid it but it comes later with more of consequences.

Just think the way we use credit cards, when we borrow money weneed to return it back, no matter what, incase we fail to pay we return it with more and more of interest.

Our life also go this way, there are ways we avoid paying our karmas and when we do it we end up paying more of it later or next life. This is the law of the Universe which is same for every soul.

Water Element :Not only fire we also use water for prayers and fulfilling desires. water is the most power conductor used for fulfilling desires.

These elements are really strong and powerful and so is the material energy which is made up of these 5 elements. A human being has an ability to make temporary changes in their life through controlling them.

Lets take an expame here : A couple is having hard time getting a child, they may resort to any of the remedies to get a child but this might result into some other serious problems, for example their child might born with a diseases , or he/ she comes out to be a criminal later in life. In this way consequences can be worst than not having a child initially.

We Human beings are really very powerful but we can’t surpass the law of karma and the kingdom of God. Whatever we do, it is just temporary and not permanent, more we do it more we make distance from God and supreme truth.

As I explained earlier there are two energies Material and superior energy ( please refer “energy the cause of the creation ). It is material energy which we use to manifest our desires when we think of fulfilling our desires , material energy comes into play.

BUT it is when we search for supreme truth , peace, bliss and identifying our trues self Superior Energy comes into play.

God is the superior energy so is our soul, a soul is happy when it comes in contact with superior energy and it comes in contact with superior energy by focusing inside of us ( through meditation) and though unconditional love and Devotion.

Love which is afflicted with no desire no fruit, only Surrender works there . It is when we surrender our desires to get fruit of karma we realize our true self, we get ultimate bliss.

Take another example here: whatever money you get , however beautiful partner to get married to , however successful you become, there is always a lack of happiness, happiness comes from soul and it’s needs love, it needs superior energy to feel happy, more you get into luxury, you engrossed more with material energy and remain trapped there.

It does not mean that having wealth is a wrong thing, it is when you enjoy wealth consciously without being attached to it you actually don’t get trapped in “Maya” (Material Energy).

When you surrender, you get all your karma released without much pain and get closer to God that is because when you surrender your soul becomes aware enough to understand it’s true identity and does not get entangled with the character and matter .

The devotion and unconditional love is the most powerful and permanent remedy for all our problems . By resorting to temporary remedies we get entangled more into material energy and vicious cycle of birth. Love is the superpower, the only thing powerful enough to change our destiny, rest all is temporary, Love is the biggest weakness and strength of the Universe when you resort to this option, even Universe starts working for it.

Love set us free, Love yourself and realize the Divine Inside of You.

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  Stay Tuned Stay Divine.

We Are All Playing Scenes In The Tunnel of TIME and SPACE

We have heard a several concept of Time and space, in philosophical point of view our life and each of its actions come into being due to Time and Space.

Lets Discuss in Detail…

Right now we are all stuck in a tunnel of time and space playing different scenes, the scenes which are bound to play if we choose to remain in that tunnel and there is Light (Divinity) outside the tunnel which is out of the Influence of Time and Space .

We always have a choice to move arround different tunnels as per our desire, yes our desire has capacity to choose our destiny.

There are innumerable tunnels in the Universe and several scenes are being performed out there, all we need to do is to use a code , that code which is a combination of our desire and actions.

Desire: Our Thoughts.

Actions: our Desires already converted into actions which bound to create destiny.

The desire and actions if compatible to enter into, we get inside and live the scenes which are being played by the certain character and if we choose to get into that tunnel then we become that character in other words our Soul using code of Desire and Action get an access to the tunnel and mimic the character.

The Scenes which are going to be performed in that tunnel is already defined and created, there is no scope to change it, if we (Soul) want to change the scene we need to change the tunnel by acquiring appropriate code which we just discussed is a combination of our Desire and Actions.

Just give it a thought for a moment what it says?

It says all sorts of the scenes we can ever think of are already there in the Universe, it depends on us as what Desire and Karma do we choose, to get into the respective tunnel for the scenes which we want to play.

All I am trying to say ladies and gentleman that everything we go through is created by us and is always our choice.

  Our soul is a pure light and only mimics the scenes being performed in the tunnel, We need to understand that whatever scenes are being performed were already there.

if we don’t want to pay the scene then we always have a choice to slide through a different Tunnel.

But How does it Happen?

Awareness : Awareness is the only way, an aware Soul knows that it is not a character, it just mimics the character therefore always can switch to other scene being performed in another tunnel. because an aware soul does not get attached to the character it is ready to leave the character when not comfortable in particular scene.

Just think of Yogi’s and Sages who can travel time and move from one place to another in no time or can appear in two different places.

In the book named ” Autobiography of a yogi” which is a true depiction of life of Yogananda. It comprised of all the characters who were yogis and contributed Yogananda to achieve Self Realization. Those yogis were able to be available at two different places in no time and hence were able to slide through different tunnels.

And they were able to do this because they were aware souls .

You need not to be a completely realized soul, just like a device our soul has a scale of 0 to 100 in terms of awareness, a slight movement from zero to further provides us an access to change scene. But how much change we can bring about definitely depends on the level of awareness we have.

An Ignorant Soul on the other hand has no choice to change the Character because it is too attached to the character and do not separate itself from the Soul and get entangled in that tunnel only.

Our soul which is our true identity, which is shunya or zero, Soul which has no color, smell or emotions attached . It is a pure light, it is complete and is an ultimate truth. It is what it is with no description, no eloboration.

Any thing which happens using our mind, senses and material energy happens or manifested when our soul comes with the contact of time and space. Soul is away from all these things.

How does our soul awakes?

Our soul and mind can not go together ,the moment we fix our mind, the moment we cease it or stop it our soul activate itself.

I tell you one more thing with this regard. Our mind in every second give a signal to the body that it is not complete and keep itself indulged into millions of thoughts to complete it.

Some of these thoughts are being social, having a rising career, a fulfilling relationship , even at physical level crave for food and sleep to give it a feeling of fullness and we remaine in a feeling incompleness 24/7 not realising that we already exist in the tunnel of time and space of this universe which can be seen as a piece of this universe, in a simple form can be imagined as a piece of orange out of whole. Now when our mind is limited to that tunnel which is already incomplete than how can it make us complete, all its actions goes into vain whatever it does and that is the reason that whatever we achieve and accomplish we don’t feel completed, we strive to achieve or get more, If in any case not in action then thoughts we visualize for something more and better because our mind keeps striving for making us complete.

It is our soul that completes us, because it is already complete, whole and full, it does not get influenced by time and space. As soon as we still our mind our soul wakes up , elevates the level of awareness and come to the point of fixation, whole and complete.

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Stay Tuned.. Stay Divine.

Vibrate Higher!!

We all have two energies residing inside us , negative energy and positive energy , there is always a constant fight between both energies.

Guess we all have experienced that state of mind where for the same situation we remain in great dilemma and go through positive and negative thoughts at the same time.

Now please pay attention to my words understand what I am trying to say here . These thoughts are energies, and both negative and positive energies need a space inside us. This body is their home where these energies feel comfortable, both wants to occupy maximum of their space, but since both have them are opposite in nature one cannot reside with the other one. when negative energy always think about destruction the positive one looks for creating things, Which energy would reside inside us depends on the level of awareness of a soul, a soul in waking state is one who is aware, who knows which energy should be living inside the body which can bring peace and happiness and therefore an aware soul only gives space to positive energy on the other hand the soul which is sleeping and ignorant state is in darkness and therefore gives this space to negative energy.

To bring the awareness is to get your strings attached to higher self which opens the door to wisdom. In simple words doing meditation and incorporating yogic activities is what is advisable to bring harmony inside us and providing space to positive energies .
Moving towards spirituality is the process through which we understand our self , we understand higher self and bring connection between the two. The source of this Divine energy is the fuel of this soul. Your food only nourishes your body, but our soul gets nourished by Divine energy. the energy which we can access through meditation, yogic activities and foremost important which I believe the most is unconditional love towards Divine energy and this Universe.

The Divine energy is where our soul is emerged from. Identifying ourselves different from the Divine energy is like being in darkness and not letting our level of consciousness and level of awareness raised. As soon as we tune our frequency with the Divine energy, our level of awareness also increases in parallel and start to get more and more aware and positive about ourselves and everything around us.

Five Elements Of Nature

People usually say that our body is made of 5 elements of nature but actually not only our body even our prosperity, wellbeing everything is linked to the nature which is also called “Material Energy”. Most of us tend to ignore this fact , spoil nature and hence invariably bring problem, natural calamities , health issues, emotions problems and agony to our life.

Let’s think it from this war. This universe is like a place where we all live and this place is owned by God , there is Divine energy prevalent everywhere around us and these five elements are the resources provided by God for the wellbeing of every soul , be it animal or human being , now if we live on this space and rather than showing gratitude to God we get indulged into spoiling nature, spoiling natural resources, snatching resources out of greed ( not letting it used by animals and poor section of society ), what will we be getting in result ?

Please mind the fact that for Divine energy every human being , every soul is same and it is not acceptable by that higher self that these resources are wasted and snatched from others and therefore we face natural calamities in terms of earth quake , flood etc. We are not supposed to blame anyone or God for anything happening to us, it is our own karma , lack of knowledge and ignorance which brings bad luck to us.

One more point I would like to emphasis upon, in natural calamities we usually say that people are died in masses and even innocent people get punished due to the wrong karma of others. I would really like to say in bold that “This universe which is an impersonal form of God is most intelligent and perfect It’s plan is so perfect that it can’t punish the innocent souls, Only those who are destined to suffer only suffer and no other one even if they are in masses

Therefore all I would like to say here is to bring about gratitude within ourselves which is the best way to express our thanks to God and universe to use his resources, this way we multiply our prosperity. Now how can we show our gratitude , have listed few things which if we follow in our life the prosperity is certain.

  • Not wasting food and water rather offering it to needy and poor.
  • Be mindful about animals around us, offer them food and water rather them disrespecting them.
  • Not spoiling and wasting water
  • And the most important which I follow and ask everyone to follow is to sit in meditation form for mere 10 minutes and Pray or thank God for everything you are using be it food, water, your house, your bed, your job, your parents, your spouse, your health everything you can think of, this is called the “Expression of Gratitude” , which is the best expression to untap the abundance of Universe, If this is followed on a regular basis it has a power to change the frequency of Energy and bringing prosperity and abundance in your life .

Just think it from that perspective again , if you are using somebody else’s resources and space , then through gratitude only you will be allowed to use more else it will be snatched and you will be punished. I have seen people dying due to lack of water and others suffering due to excess of water (Flood), that is because they don’t realize that they have not paid enough respect to these resources and wasted them due to which they ultimately suffer. Please mind the fact that whatever be the economic or monetary growth, life is not possible without nature.

These Five elements are what we are made up of spoiling them simply means spoiling our own selves.