Who Is Perfect??

Don’t we hear several times people labelling themselves or others as Perfect!
The illusion of considering ourselves perfect is the greatest imperfection itself and we human beings are the greatest example of imperfection. Due to this imperfection only, we are sent to earth to deal with our imperfections. we go through the cycle of karma and desire to move ourselves gradually towards the perfection.

Now question again, who is perfect?

A Soul which is in a state of complete knowledge which is in the state of supreme and ultimate truth is perfect and nobody else.

We human beings commit several errors in the entire day. We do several tasks the entire day and commit several errors, take up several tasks and projects every time and go through errors and failure. These all are the perfect example of imperfection. We can talk about 1000 of more such examples to reach to the conclusion that we are imperfect being. We grow, do mistakes, learn and move forward and learn new things more, to grow further and this is how we move till the end of our life. To elaborate more on this in wider scale, a Soul travels one body to another body, experience different life in order to grow, in order to move gradually towards perfection.

In the State of Perfection there is no scope to grow, it is complete and enough. there is no scope of error or failure

Question again who is perfect?

Now let’s see it from another dimension. We get up every morning see sun rising, does sun ever commit any error while rising or choosing the direction. Does earth ever commit any error when revolves around the sun or while rotating at its orbit, see the entire solar system do they ever commit any error while rotating or while going retrograde and trust me any small error out there means destruction of everything. that means there is no scope of error out there. they are perfect Divine energies. Nature is perfect example of the Perfection.

Let’s come closer now. Look beautiful flowers around, see them growing, see how it rains. see how wind flows, these are the examples of perfection.

It’s only Divine energy which is perfect, and maintains a balance in this entire universe, No scope of error no impression of failure and success .

It is all perfect !!!

That’s a different thing that it is we human beings who bring about huge imbalance in this equilibrium which divine energy has maintained for us through Nature which is an another great example of human beings, being an imperfect beings.

What facilitates perfection.

Love facilitate perfection, the greatest power of the universe.

Go back and check Sun, it provides same warmth to all beings be it wise or a demonic person, observe water, it quests thirst of all beings be it wise or demonic in nature .

It’s there unconditional love, Which again cannot be felt by imperfect beings because it’s unconditional but we are conditioned souls, and it is Love, Compassion and Gratitude which takes us from Conditioned Soul to an Aware and Free Soul, a Soul which comes to the state of perfection, the state of pure love.

Embrace love. Embrace nature. Embrace Divine energy in as is form.

Just surrender to this nature, Surrender to the divine and this is how you will turn into love, will turn into divine energy.

The energy which is perfect and in the state of perfect knowledge.

Thanks for reading !

Stay Divine Stay Tuned.

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