Three Modes of Material Nature

Three Modes of Material Nature

 We have discussed about what the Material nature is all about. We will now be discussing about three modes of nature

Every human soul while being in Human body must act as per these modes of nature. We usually think that we are working on our own will, but we are always under the spell of these modes of nature, our soul is entangled into these modes of nature until we move to the state of Liberation.

Every human soul gets the suitable body as per the previous life karma and deeds which is perfect to pay off their depts be it for good or bad deeds. Let’s understand this mode of Material Nature in Detail:

1. Mode of Ignorance: It is the lowest Level of consciousness, it is that state of nature where person is completely away from the knowledge. In this mode of nature, human beings only live for sense gratification, the only purpose of their living is to seek happiness by satisfying their senses. This state is also called the “State of Ignorance”, means in this state a person is completely unaware of his/her real identity. In today’s Era (regarded as “Kalyuga” in Indian Scriptures) the Maximum amount of people belong to this state of mind only, because the sole purpose of human beings is to Earn and enjoying wealth even at the cost of others. We have been noticing many crimes taking place in terms of robbery, rapes, murder etc. to satisfy own senses which is a perfect example of mode of ignorance. people committing suicides, going through mental illness and diseases because they are away from the real knowledge and get in complete darkness when their material requirements do not get fulfilled. Today we see a problem of Global warming, river are being dried up, many examples of natural calamities which is caused by the blind actions of human species performed in the mode of ignorance which could be resulted into loss of this very planet itself, we are so blind that we think that we are satisfying our senses by creating pollution but we are actually paving a path of our own destruction. And the only way to move out of this mode of darkness its knowledge, Please note that I am not really referring the knowledge of matter, people hold several degrees are not necessarily out of the mode of ignorance, because If so, has been the case then same people may not have been polluting the work culture and environment in big corporates. Because they are still entangled into matter. Knowledge I am referring here is the Know ledge of higher self and knowledge of Soul which helps taking them above the matter, towards spiritual sky or spiritual Energy.

2) Mode of Passion: It is a state where desires dominate, in this state people strive to earn maximum of Wealth, seek for luxury and are materialistic in nature, such people strive to achieve Power, Pride and status. their level of consciousness is bit higher than the group of people belong to the state of Ignorance, and therefore they believe in accumulation of wealth by working hard and harder. They find their happiness and luxury and power only. We can find these people al most everywhere especially in metro cities and big industries, where show off work, where only money, wealth and status is considered important and identity is recognized by the possession of wealth only.

4) Mode of Goodness: This Group of people have slightly higher level of consciousness, those who work for collective good ness, bring about reforms, strive for betterment of humans. Scientists, Teacher, preachers who contribute to the improvement of the society, it includes all those people who rise above the personal interest and take initiative for betterment of society. It does not mean that it includes people having famous faces, it includes those who are working behind the scene for betterment of others, may be in villages, small town etc.

Such people do believe in God, have higher level of awareness, wiser than others and possess good amount of wisdom

These are the three Modes of Nature, under which we all operate under, some of you might be thinking that if a person is operating under Mode of Goodness, then why is he/she still considered slaves of Material Energy, on this I would like to say that in all of the three modes we identify ourselves different from the creator. There still exist an ego within us which is an identity which we do not want to lose and therefore we become conditioned souls which are operated by three modes of nature. It is when we surrender ourselves, loose our identity/Ego, we become realized, Illuminated, and Free.

Here I am referring Ego as desire of separate entity and desire to associate ourselves with body and Material things around and not really identifying our true identity which is nothing but a pure form of love, hence it is when we become realized we turn into love and loose a fake identity.

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Energy: The Cause Of The Creation

Energy”, one of the most profound words we use in our day to day life but still the most underrated in terms of its meaning and Understanding. I have gone through several Philosophical and spiritual books and this is the most fascinated word I came across so far and one of my favorite concepts which I tried to understand, invest my time in, meditate to understand it and then finally aspire to write on it.

In general understanding we see people talking about Energy mere a source which provides strength and vigor to the body or at max in some cases a force of electricity which makes an electronic machine or device run. But trust me energy is not something it is everything. It is everything which we can touch, smell, taste, speak, listen and sense and even something which Is beyond our understanding or beyond the catch of our senses. It is the essence of this Creation, it is the creation itself. There is nothing in this world which can go beyond a minute or speck of Energy.

I would like to categorize Energy in two parts here: 1) Material Energy. 2) Superior Energy.

Material Energy: Material Energy is also regarded as “Maya” or “Inferior Energy” in “Bhagwad-gita . It is the Energy which we use in our day to day daily activity, everything which we are surrounded with like Air, Earth, stone Mountains etc. are made up of this Energy only, in short anything which we see or feel outside in this material world is part of Material Energy, The Material energy is something which keeps us entangled in this world, this is the main cause which is a link between us and this material world. It is said in scriptures that there is nothing wrong to be part of this world because this world is also a beautiful creation of God but all we need to do it not to get attached to the Material things in this world, but in reality we get attached to then, associate out identity to the material things and get stuck to the vicious cycle for birth after birth.

Let’s understand this with an example: when we go to any theatre to watch movies, we enjoy every scene of it and enjoy it as if it is real , we laugh , get sad and even cry at times, but at the same time we are always aware of the fact that whatever we are watching is not real, it is just a movie and all characters are just playing their part so once we come out of movie theatre we are all normal knowing that we just enjoyed the movie. So is our lives, we are provided with this world and Material things just to enjoy it or play our part as per our past Karma and execute certain action which we born for, but unfortunately we get entangled into it knowing it as real and get attached to it and this attachment only becomes cause of our sorrow and pain. Going back to our movie example just think what will happen if we keep grudges and pain in our heart taking everything as real , it will not do any good or bad to us it will not do anything rather it is just our ignorance and low level of consciousness which is making us feel bad or good and we are unnecessarily get entangled into it.

We go through Pain, sorrow, heartbreaks and so on in our life which is a part of Material World only and there is nothing wrong in crying and responding to it, but at the same time staying aware that it is not real is what keeps us free and does not bind to the Material World.

Superior Energy: Superior Energy is the divine energy, all human souls are Superior Energy. It is the energy which purifies and connect us to the God. We have heard people saying everywhere that our Soul is very pure, why do we say this always? because it is made up of Superior Energy.

In waking state, a state of awareness this Energy directly radiates from our Soul and Aura and gets connected to Higher self (In Bhagwat- Gita it is regarded as Krishna’s Energy, the supreme personality). This usually happens in the state of Meditation (Dhyan) Unlike Material Energy Superior Energy makes us peaceful, Ecstatic and Complete.

This Energy makes us free from all entangles and makes us a free spirit, Our soul always search for this energy only to keep itself complete and peaceful, but we usually search for the peace and happiness from the Material world by absorbing Material energy , which does not satisfy the need of our Soul rather makes us more entangled and then more dissatisfied.

One must be thinking that how can be experience this Energy if it is that satisfying, then I would like to answer it this way:

This Energy is prevalent everywhere, the energy of supreme master is spread all around this Universe and Space, but it is our conditioned Soul which keeps us trapped under Material Energy hence in order to come out of “Maya” we need to elevate our level of consciousness which happens through the process of Spirituality. Through the spiritual process a person can take its level of consciousness to the next level connects to higher self without being inflicted by Material Energy.

Meeting with the Source is the Journey of Soul all About

I was just sitting and thinking and that is what came into my mind.

Over a period of years what I realized that meeting with the source is this long journey of life all about. It is a long Journey of soul we go through and cover several births, several sacrifices, pain & pleasures we go through, several penances, change body, change patterns to be ready to meet with that source.

purification of body, purification of soul is what we go through to clean the residuals of our Karma and desires which has been stick to us over and over several births to be eligible to meet the source where everything ends, everything rests .

Each cell of our Body every second just crave for that source, that’s the reason of our anxiety, a deep incompleteness, which we try fill in with wealth, luxury and relationships but none of it is able to complete it . Because It is an illusion and a deep rooted illusion, truth is that source and only source, where everything emerged from and everything will dissolute into.

We get stuck into the Journey not knowing the beginning and ending, stuck in vicious cycle which keeps going years after years, birth after birth. It is when we go through the process of spirituality, we identify our true identity, our purpose of this long journey, it is when our soul wakes up and we try to recollect things to strive to meet that very source, which is the cause of every creation, which is the only truth.

Meditation : Process of raising level of awareness

In my almost all blogs I have mentioned that raising level of awareness is all we need to live life with full potential, anything done in the state of awareness is a truth and anything done in sleeping or ignorant state is falsity and it would not be wrong if I say that almost entire human kind ( living only few) is in deep ignorant state hence whatever actions they perform in this state are false.

Let me try to explain the state of awareness which is difficult to do , but will try my best to explain it. When I am saying the state of awareness I meant the state where our soul is awake, free and Independent  and in charge of all our actions, in sleeping state it is our body which is performing actions under the control of three modes of nature : the state of goodness, the state of passion and the state ignorance.

These states we can say is like three kinds of material energies ( Maya) under which we all of us are under control of. It is these energies only which make us do things but it seems to us as if we performing these actions at our own will but the truth is that we are all conditioned souls ( until liberated ) and sort of puppets of these energies as somebody has to take charge of our actions when our souls are sleeping . I will be talking about these modes of nature separately where each of our soul is under control of one of these forces and which force we are under control of is determined by our past actions and level of ignorance we possess. A deep ignorant soul works under the state of ignorance, a slight aware soul works under the state of passion and further improved level of aware soul works under the state of goodness. I will be taking about these forces in detail which I myself learnt from ” Bhagwad geeta” the most referred Hindu Scripture.

 Now moving into our original topic, Meditation is a process which helps liberate our soul and free it from the clutches of these forces and our soul becomes in charge of all his/her actions. Under Meditation we make a connection to the Divine energy/superior energy or higher self to charge our Soul to make it wake up.

Our soul is a part and parcel of superior energy hence our soul replenishes itself from superior energy, we have an eternal relationship with Divine energy which we don’t understand till the time we are in ignorant state. the access of superior energy is possible through Meditation (Dhyana). During this process our soul feels completed , peaceful and ecstatic. But that feeling does not come easily , it requires practice, concentration and a desire to unite with Divine energy.

Our Mind wanders a lot , really a lot, it’s not easy for our mind initially to sit quietly at one place for long because we have not taught our mind this thing, it keeps working, it is full of information.

During meditation our goal is to make it concentrate, make it sit quiet. In order to understand it better please refer my article “The Conditioned Mind“. This will help understand the conditioning of our mind better which is great obstruction to our liberation.

There are several methods of Meditation, people use different methods not everyone has same path to liberation you can always choose the one best for you. There are several methods already available on YouTube or google which you can refer as per your convenience but I will share the process which I follow for myself in my next blog.

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The Highest Frequency!

We human beings radiate on a very low frequency , due to which we are not able to understand and feel the divine energy, in order to understand the Divine energy we need to radiate higher and higher to get tuned.

The frequency of Love is a God’s Frequency, the highest frequency, once that is understood nothing is left to be understood. Nothing comes after it.

It is whole , complete and perfect !!

Water: The Most Powerful Energy to Manifest Desires

This is the most awaiting topic I wanted to write about because it symbolizes my name and to some extent reflection of my personality as well.
We all understand water mere as a natural resource which quench our thirst and help us in sustaining our lives and thus economy.
Let us understand it from energy point view: water is a very powerful energy which from the ancient time sages have been using for rituals. Water has immense power of absorption and manifestation. In Older days, sages used to use this property of water for manifestation of prayers, they would keep the water in the middle of palm, utter prayers and offer it to the concerned person or place for desired result.

In the video provided above it has been proved that every single drop of water which was collected from different people had different memory, that means the energy of the individual get absorbed by the it. The research has been performed even by taking a drop from different flowers having different memory.

We can also use this quality of water to purify our body and soul.
let me explain how: Take a bottle of water in your hand and transfer your prayers to the water and then consume it. For example if you are suffering from negativity or any ill health take a glass or bottle of water and utter prayer for few minutes, those prayers have to be in affirmation mode for example you should be saying ” I am getting healthy and purified with this water” rather than saying ” I will not get Ill after I consume this after “. We need to use positive words and no negative words , as same will be absorbed by water in as is form.
This practice can be used in our day to day life to bring good health and positivity in our life. 40 days is what I would recommended to bring results. But be mindful of the fact that we should always avoid wasting and misuse of water which can only bring bad luck to us. I have seen people wasting hell lot of water out of ignorance and because nature has provided it for free. We need to understand that water is really limited and sacred in quality and hence should be used with respect. This is the prerequisite if there is no respect and gratitude provided then no remedy would work.
A human form is the best creation of God and only form provided with higher level of consciousness hence preserving and respect towards these resources is a minimum expectation only then it can be used as a powerful tool for prosperity and wellbeing.

Vibrate Higher!!

We all have two energies residing inside us , negative energy and positive energy , there is always a constant fight between both energies.

Guess we all have experienced that state of mind where for the same situation we remain in great dilemma and go through positive and negative thoughts at the same time.

Now please pay attention to my words understand what I am trying to say here . These thoughts are energies, and both negative and positive energies need a space inside us. This body is their home where these energies feel comfortable, both wants to occupy maximum of their space, but since both have them are opposite in nature one cannot reside with the other one. when negative energy always think about destruction the positive one looks for creating things, Which energy would reside inside us depends on the level of awareness of a soul, a soul in waking state is one who is aware, who knows which energy should be living inside the body which can bring peace and happiness and therefore an aware soul only gives space to positive energy on the other hand the soul which is sleeping and ignorant state is in darkness and therefore gives this space to negative energy.

To bring the awareness is to get your strings attached to higher self which opens the door to wisdom. In simple words doing meditation and incorporating yogic activities is what is advisable to bring harmony inside us and providing space to positive energies .
Moving towards spirituality is the process through which we understand our self , we understand higher self and bring connection between the two. The source of this Divine energy is the fuel of this soul. Your food only nourishes your body, but our soul gets nourished by Divine energy. the energy which we can access through meditation, yogic activities and foremost important which I believe the most is unconditional love towards Divine energy and this Universe.

The Divine energy is where our soul is emerged from. Identifying ourselves different from the Divine energy is like being in darkness and not letting our level of consciousness and level of awareness raised. As soon as we tune our frequency with the Divine energy, our level of awareness also increases in parallel and start to get more and more aware and positive about ourselves and everything around us.

Patterns Of Energy

Cosmos of the universe follows patterns. The patterns are formed with the energy. We are all part of this nature in collective form, we are all same since we are made up of same energy. The entire universe is inter-connected. A leaf is grown out of the energy of sun, water, earth, air and sky (the five element of nature) so we are, so how come are we different from the leaf? it is just that we are different patterns of the same energy. Every human being is a different and a unique pattern.

We neither die nor born only our pattern changes every time we exit from the body and these patterns are defined by our ‘karma”, the actions. Our habits, likings, disliking, desires are all different from the other person though the life force is same within us, it’s because the geometry of energy is different in each human being which makes every being unique.

Animal is the one of the kinds of enumerable patterns, human beings, insects all are different patterns of the same energy.

Every human being himself is a unique pattern. there are no two beings ever exist in this universe which are same. This is the fundamental truth and when we compare two beings, we commit an error. Every human being therefore has to accept and respect every pattern created by the God, no pattern is ever good or bad, everything is just as is and is perfect as per his/her/its own level of consciousness, the level of consciousness is highest in human beings and lowest in trees and plants, but it does not mean the trees and plants are anyway less important than the human beings, it is just that, as we raise our level of consciousness out patters also get upgraded gradually from trees to animals and then ultimately to human form. The mere knowledge of this differentiation takes us out of the differences, and we can see the entire creation as one.