What Color of Belief System Do You Follow?

We all follow a set of belief system. A system which give direction to our life.

The belief system usually is structured and a pattern we all follow though this pattern might be different for different set of people. I have no intention to define what belief system is all about, guess we all are pretty aligned on this, rather I would like to focus on how belief system is being regarded and adapted by different set of people.

Different sections of people follow different set of belief system for example in Hindu culture the color amber is regarded very auspicious therefore Hindu usually use this color in all auspicious occasions and wear this color in all rituals whereas Muslims use green color for all such practices, Christians follow white so on and so forth.

It’s their belief system which makes them feel that their life is going in right direction. The conditioning that things are moving to right direction if these belief systems are being followed properly.

For the sake of understanding let’s assume that these belief systems are like houses of different colors. Some people like to live in the house of amber color and few want to live in white house and so on.
And we all assume that the color of house we are living in is the perfect because that is where we feel comfortable because our mind and rather entire life style become conditioned enough to just accept no color other than that.

Now let’s think it from other perspective. In actual we all love our home, home which protects us provide shelter to live, place to spend time with the family, place where we eat, sleep and share things with the family. It is very important and basic need and one of the three basic needs we need to run our life. It is essential and important be it of any color.

But Can we Spend our entire life living in the house we love, the color of house we feel protected in?

We go out to see the world , to travel across the world, cities , street etc. , to experience different places, to experience different activities .We go out of home to earn our living.

That does not mean that our home is not important our home is important at the end of everything to take shelter and most important for emotional support and wellbeing. we need to go home of respective colors and design, but we can’t afford to live and spend our entire life in that house how bigger and beautiful it is.

Even if you are provided with the best house of the world. You will start feeling suffocated in few weeks itself. Not only that you won’t be able to grow if you are not allowed to meet people who live in different color of houses or are not allowed to travel and see that world.

Just think how small and limited this life will become. It will make us sick both by body and mind if we limit ourselves due to the one style and color of home, we have chosen for ourselves for the rest of our life.

Please follow the example explained above carefully because exactly how our belief system works. We become so adamant to our belief system that we stop to look possibilities of life outside the conditioning due to the single line of belief system.

Our soul gets depleted, our level of awareness and consciousness goes down as we become rigid towards any pattern of living. We see this in ourselves as frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled beings which is a sigh of our depleted or sick soul but we don’t understand as what it is for ? We need to make ourselves free of any pattern and align to unlimited possibilities of life. We have no idea as how conditioned we have become while following our belief system.

The belief system is important just like our home as it provides a pattern to our living. we need to follow a pattern to make our living as long as we have a physical body.

But at the same time we need to think ourselves as a conscious beings. Our capacity is unlimited, our consciousness has a capacity to extend itself till the limit of the Universe. But we usually don’t let it grow or expand due to the rigidity of our mind. We get stick to the pattern so much that we don’t see the unlimited possibilities this life and universe can offer us.

We have caged ourselves with our own belief system, and not ready to come out of that cage.
We need to come out of our respective houses and experience life and look for the other possibilities to grow as a Soul and expand our awareness.

Our consciousness is very wide, we need to relish the unlimited possibilities of life because that is the ultimate purpose of every soul, to look beyond, to experience beyond, identify our true identity and become one with the supreme energy

Expand your horizon and expand you Awareness. Experience the divinity around you. Which is one and has no particular color because all colors when merged together become one and as pure as white.

We need to make ourselves pure and transparent by embracing all colors.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Divine Stay Tuned.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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