Silence Is The Language Of The Soul

Silence is the language of the God. Silence facilitates communication to the higher self.

We Human being resort to several languages to understand and learn things around. These languages led the platform of our living and facilitate our proper functioning of life, without language no communication and exchange is ever possible and we all know how important communication is to run our life.

Then How come Silence facilitates communication? Let’s Understand.
We have discussed about the attributes of Soul many times and in my last blog “The Soul: Infinite Essence of Being” I have written solely about the Soul.

Soul is away and excluded from everything which is limited to our senses.
Silence facilitates the expansion of the Soul. It is when we are silent we listen, feel and connect to our higher self and raise level of our awareness. In silence our soul connects to the superior energy which is a food to the Soul and expand itself.

Adjust your Frequency with that of the Universe and unveil all layers of Information.

I personally truly love silence. Maximum of my queries related to life and spirituality have been answered through silence only more than reading books and Watching Videos. It is when you maintain silence you start adjusting with the frequency of the Universe and start to embrace knowledge, everything is there in the Universe in the form of Energy and Frequency , when you get tuned to it, your Energy gets tuned to the universe and  you get to understand everything around.  It is Silence which facilitates this higher Knowledge. The superior or Divine Energy flows in the state of silence.

Now I got to know, why our sages and priests put so much emphasis on sparing time in silence for some time in a day.

In Hindu culture we also call it “Maun Vrat” means a Vow to maintain silence for certain period of time.
But the misconception people have these days is that they keep their tongue inactive but there mind and body language keeps working which unfortunately does not do any good.

When we think of silence. We put our senses at pause for some time so that out soul get some space, to get a chance to connect with the higher self, to get a chance to expand itself and let you feel the real you.
Silence opens the door to wisdom, brings awareness and a fastest channel to connect to the Divine energy.

Some people might confuse silence with Meditation, the meditation is the higher stage. It happens by practicing silence. We need to learn to keep silence before moving on to the next stage which is going deep inside of us through Meditation.

I have experienced people being afraid of silence as it brings about insecurity and loneliness within themselves which happens in the state of ignorance. The state which is completely devoid of light or awareness.

It is when our soul is too depleted that it does not adjust to the new realm, the realm of silence.

The only solution to it is to practice silence in smaller period and let your energy pattern adjust with this gradually.

Once you start adjusting with this change you will find that you are rather start liking the silence.

We usually keep talking and fighting with our partners and parents for demand of space thing in our day to day life. But you know your soul demands it the most.
It cries for space from unlimited desires and constant chit chats. It needs that silence to expand itself.

Let your soul feel it and complete itself.

Embrace silence and expand your soul.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Tuned. Stay Divine.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

6 thoughts on “Silence Is The Language Of The Soul”

  1. I love how you talk about silence being the food for soul! Once we can become comfortable in silence is the same moment we let our soul shine through! This is a gorgeous post, Thank you!

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