The Soul: Infinite Essence of Being

I remember when I used to listen to the videos of Sadhguru , where he used to reiterate on one thing always that most beautiful thing ever could be is the truth that we are alive being. Every day we get up we should be happy about just one thing that we are still alive and still exchanging energy with the Universe and our breath (prana) are still there at place.

Our Scientist have been successful to find our solar system and even beyond that and reached to galaxies even which are millions of light years away but could not detect that particle of god inside of us which is manifesting everything. Which is so small but still can be expanded to the limit of Universe and even beyond by expanding awareness.

Key to Manifestation

Our entire life, emotions, every scene related to life, every single breath and everything comes into manifestation due to this small particle of God.

Being aware of that particle is the single truth and ultimate purpose of this life. Being aware of this is being aware of God.

Think of a small chip which carries enormous amount of data base within itself and is used to run heaviest of the software and database.
The key is inside of that chip, not in hundreds of computers and keyboards which are running and bringing output.

Just see your life this way only. Where is it manifesting from? How everything is running and be seen and felt by us.

Karma: Memory of the SOUL
Now think it from a Karma perspective. what is karma and is the memory of the Soul which it carries for hundreds and thousands of years and keeps repeating itself . Just the way that small chip does. But the functioning of the part of and parcel of God is much wider than that of chip.

Everything we action we perform, the residual of the same get stick to our Soul and becomes its memory and its next course of action is determined by the existing memory of the soul. Just relate it to your day to day life. We perform everything as per our memory , we work or act as per our memory , just the same way the new form of the soul, the next suit (body) and next course of action is decided by the existing memory, the memory created through present actions.

This way the memory keeps changing and keeps repeating itself for hundreds of years. The chain keeps going on until a it elevates its level of awareness and realizes the system and comes out of the chain of repeating karma and its consequences.
We can erase the existing memory of the chip easily if not compatible or outdated.
So can also be done for our souls, though awareness, by being spiritual and by adopting different ways of spiritual practices.

Through awareness we can surpass existing level of karma, DNA of the Soul and pattern of energy and give it a new direction and new form which is more simple , original and Divine.

This life is nothing but just about erasing existing memory of our souls creating through our actions and desires and creating new, and we keep doing it not knowing that the ultimate purpose is to delete it all, bring it to the “Shunya” and come out of the cycle of creation and deletion.
One more thing I want to reiterate here, as per my experience even reaching to that level of awareness is also not our choice.
The Souls are chosen in advance who destined to see a true self of themselves and find the key to their soul and get free.
A soul has to get mature enough and has to go through all dimensions and possibilities before finally attaining the truth .

Thanks for reading !

Stay Tuned. Stay Divine

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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