Music: Beautiful Way to Raise the Frequency of Your Energy

Did you ever notice that music when played only gives peace , pleasure , excitement  and joy. Do you know the reason behind it.

Music is the only thing when touches your ears, it soothes and pacify, At least I do feel extremely  joyful and It is not only me rather everyone feel joyful with music.

Do you know why?

Let’s understand it from energy and frequency language.

Music is played on certain set of frequencies, music actually played in a rhythm of different hartz of frequency and when these frequencies are put in a certain order it creates music. That is something we all know and different frequencies is what made them different from each other

Different music penetrates or evoke different emotions, because they are created on different frequencies which makes us feel, peaceful , joyful and excited etc.

We know that sound is an energy, our emotions are energy , a sound of particular energy evokes corresponding emotions , in other words when a certain music is played , the frequency of that sound affects the existing level of frequency of your emotions and ultimately change  the frequency of your emotions and match it to the frequency of the music.

This is how your emotions also get changed , because the difference between two emotions is the difference of frequency for example if you are radiating at a very low frequency you feel low and dull, at that moment you are required to get some fast and excited music to your ears and your emotions suddenly change your frequency which changes your emotions and thereby mood.

Everything is Energy , it is the frequency which brings differentiation, despite of the Oneness of Energy there is a variety into everything due to different frequencies.

Out of unawareness we put leads inside our ears and listen to the music not knowing what makes us feel good, what makes us get attracted to it. Actually we unknowing try to alter the existing level of energy and emotions which makes you feel listening to the Music.
It’s the need of changing frequency of our energy.

At least I do it always , when I feel dull when I find the frequency of my energy going down, I resort to music , dance and playing instruments.
It instantly and sometimes gradually change frequency and restore it to peace and joy.
There has been several celebrities who seek Music over everything,  who can not imagine themselves without music, Bob Marley was one of them I can think of, Music was like everything to him, though from outer shell you can’t make out how spiritual he was , spirituality is more of going Inside of you , spirituality is about identifying the Energy around and get connected to it and I find that connection he had with music.

In almost all my articles I refer one word Awareness, without it nothing can be seen manifested.

Everything exist in this universe , but it is our level of awareness which makes us see and feel it .

Whatever I have just explained here has not been referred from any text , everything made clear in front of me out of my awareness.
As your awareness increases your complaints and questions settles and you move towards fixation.

Moving back to my original topic, please adopt music when you feel low , it has a capacity to change your mood instantly at least temporarily .

For permanent shift in your energy level we need to work on inner world which requires meditation, devotion and love.

Try check and experiment it next time you listen to the music , listen to it with awareness and feel how does your frequency change .

Thanks for reading !!!

Stay Tuned Stay Divine !!

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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