We Are All Playing Scenes In The Tunnel of TIME and SPACE

We have heard a several concept of Time and space, in philosophical point of view our life and each of its actions come into being due to Time and Space.

Lets Discuss in Detail…

Right now we are all stuck in a tunnel of time and space playing different scenes, the scenes which are bound to play if we choose to remain in that tunnel and there is Light (Divinity) outside the tunnel which is out of the Influence of Time and Space .

We always have a choice to move arround different tunnels as per our desire, yes our desire has capacity to choose our destiny.

There are innumerable tunnels in the Universe and several scenes are being performed out there, all we need to do is to use a code , that code which is a combination of our desire and actions.

Desire: Our Thoughts.

Actions: our Desires already converted into actions which bound to create destiny.

The desire and actions if compatible to enter into, we get inside and live the scenes which are being played by the certain character and if we choose to get into that tunnel then we become that character in other words our Soul using code of Desire and Action get an access to the tunnel and mimic the character.

The Scenes which are going to be performed in that tunnel is already defined and created, there is no scope to change it, if we (Soul) want to change the scene we need to change the tunnel by acquiring appropriate code which we just discussed is a combination of our Desire and Actions.

Just give it a thought for a moment what it says?

It says all sorts of the scenes we can ever think of are already there in the Universe, it depends on us as what Desire and Karma do we choose, to get into the respective tunnel for the scenes which we want to play.

All I am trying to say ladies and gentleman that everything we go through is created by us and is always our choice.

  Our soul is a pure light and only mimics the scenes being performed in the tunnel, We need to understand that whatever scenes are being performed were already there.

if we don’t want to pay the scene then we always have a choice to slide through a different Tunnel.

But How does it Happen?

Awareness : Awareness is the only way, an aware Soul knows that it is not a character, it just mimics the character therefore always can switch to other scene being performed in another tunnel. because an aware soul does not get attached to the character it is ready to leave the character when not comfortable in particular scene.

Just think of Yogi’s and Sages who can travel time and move from one place to another in no time or can appear in two different places.

In the book named ” Autobiography of a yogi” which is a true depiction of life of Yogananda. It comprised of all the characters who were yogis and contributed Yogananda to achieve Self Realization. Those yogis were able to be available at two different places in no time and hence were able to slide through different tunnels.

And they were able to do this because they were aware souls .

You need not to be a completely realized soul, just like a device our soul has a scale of 0 to 100 in terms of awareness, a slight movement from zero to further provides us an access to change scene. But how much change we can bring about definitely depends on the level of awareness we have.

An Ignorant Soul on the other hand has no choice to change the Character because it is too attached to the character and do not separate itself from the Soul and get entangled in that tunnel only.

Our soul which is our true identity, which is shunya or zero, Soul which has no color, smell or emotions attached . It is a pure light, it is complete and is an ultimate truth. It is what it is with no description, no eloboration.

Any thing which happens using our mind, senses and material energy happens or manifested when our soul comes with the contact of time and space. Soul is away from all these things.

How does our soul awakes?

Our soul and mind can not go together ,the moment we fix our mind, the moment we cease it or stop it our soul activate itself.

I tell you one more thing with this regard. Our mind in every second give a signal to the body that it is not complete and keep itself indulged into millions of thoughts to complete it.

Some of these thoughts are being social, having a rising career, a fulfilling relationship , even at physical level crave for food and sleep to give it a feeling of fullness and we remaine in a feeling incompleness 24/7 not realising that we already exist in the tunnel of time and space of this universe which can be seen as a piece of this universe, in a simple form can be imagined as a piece of orange out of whole. Now when our mind is limited to that tunnel which is already incomplete than how can it make us complete, all its actions goes into vain whatever it does and that is the reason that whatever we achieve and accomplish we don’t feel completed, we strive to achieve or get more, If in any case not in action then thoughts we visualize for something more and better because our mind keeps striving for making us complete.

It is our soul that completes us, because it is already complete, whole and full, it does not get influenced by time and space. As soon as we still our mind our soul wakes up , elevates the level of awareness and come to the point of fixation, whole and complete.

Thanks for Reading !!

Stay Tuned.. Stay Divine.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

7 thoughts on “We Are All Playing Scenes In The Tunnel of TIME and SPACE”

  1. I really like this concept of time and space, I have been drawn to it lately. And I am happy to find your blog, which discusses on matters like this.
    Thanks for sharing!

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