Meditation: Key to Manifest Desire

 Meditation in our scriptures regarded as a way to know thyself and achieve self realization. 

It is when we sit in meditation we connect with the higher self and gradually over a period of time tune our frequency to the Divine love or God which is the highest frequency , the moment this frequency matches with the divine love we become one with the Divine love and become realized soul . This is the ultimate destination of this journey, the journey of life, we keep moving in vicious cycle of death and birth until we achieve an state of pure conciousness.

But during this process or Journey we have a power of bringing and controlling things arround by using power of meditation Now how does this happen?

when you sit in meditative form you would visualize the person or situation and direct your energy to that event and hence paying part of your currency ( Energy is the currency of the Universe) to buy that event/situation/object which you want to materialize in your life,

Now pay your attention here what you are doing here?

you are matching the frequency with the person and the object with your frequency and the moment you reach to that level of frequency you attain it.

That means you actually don’t get that thing rather you yourself reach there. 

That means you don’t get what you desire but you get what you are.

Lets understand it this way. You want happiness in your life the frequency of happiness is high , but you yourself radiating at the frequency of hatred and insecurity which radiates on a very low frequency , now you keep desiring happiness and bliss but you won’t get it until you raise your level of frequency and match it to the frequency of happiness and bliss, the moment you reach , you match and you get .

I would like to show you this reality in another perspective, as I told you earlier that everything, every scene has already been scripted in this universe you don’t create it, it is already there under different dimensions of time and space, hence all you need to do is to raise level of awareness and shift from one scene to another. Hence it is not that scene or object comes to you it is rather other way round, you desire and reach to that object and scene you desire for. This might seems to be little tricky and confusing for some of our readers, because to understand what I just explained would require a bit high level of awareness, mere study of matter will not make it easy to understand .

Moving back to our topic I would say see everything from the energy and frequency perspective. When you desire something you need to bring yourself to that level that means you need to become what you desire, you need to raise your frequency and match it to the frequency of person and desire you wish for .

Rather than working on superficial level of efforts of body, work on energy level manifest things directly.

your queries and observations are more than welcome !!

Stay tuned. Stay divine..

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

8 thoughts on “Meditation: Key to Manifest Desire”

  1. Do you believe there is right time for everything or we are not ready for that thing at a certain time, that’s why we need to wait and learn something more… ?? Or is it just because we are not taking any actions in that direction that’s why we are not getting it??

    1. Yes..indeed..there is always a time for everything.but at the same time we have a power to change our destiny only when our souls are awaken which happens in a very rare case but in sleeping state everything is controlled by three modes of nature. Have already written a blog on this named as ” three modes of nature “.

    1. Thank you Joseph for appreciating.appologies but not familiar with Joe Dispenza..this is my own work which I did gather from several texts, meditation and experiencing life from another dimension.

  2. Love your insight on the subject. Definitely worth read. I am new to subject and have just started a few lessons on how to program the subconscious to manifest what you want in your life. It has a lot to do with being able to control the conscious mind and being aware of what to let into the subconscious mind because what we let in there ultimately manifests in our life.

    1. Thanks dear for appreciating.the entire focus of all my blogs is to understand the real you and understand the divine because both are one. I touch upon different dimensions to understand just this thing understand

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