Taking on another person’s Karma

To judge Is to invite the karma of the person being judged.

I have heard several times people saying that we should not be judging any person and rather accept everything in as is way. Do we really know the reason behind this statement? Let me answer it this way:

Everything provided to every being in this universe starting from plants( no consciousness) to human being ( high consciousness) is perfect as per their karma, desire and level of awareness.

We human being have a limited vision and don’t have Divine eyes or vision to see a soul from its inception hence when we judge anyone or any situation as per their present situation and limited information we actually start doubting the intelligence and management of God and Universe.

Our judgement is always based on our conditioning of our mind which is always different for different being .I have already explained the conditioning of mind in detail in my blog ” the conditioned Mind “.

Now what happens when we judge anyone and put them into different category? we get stuck into the vicious cycle of Karma and it’s cause and effect principal ( every action an equal and opposite reaction/). The karma of the person gets transferred to the person who judge , just think is our own karma lesser that we invite the consequences of other’s karma out of ignorance.

The movement we attach any emotion of ours to any being be it of hatred, disgust, jealousy and sympathy etc. their karma gets transferred to us and hence become our karma eventually.

You must be thinking that in the entire day of our life we show up several emotions of love, hatred , disgust so our karma also get transferred then that is correct , we actually keep inviting the other person’s Karma the entire day and it keeps going on.

A realized soul knows this fact and they keep their emotions and attachment aside while dealing with anyone or any situation. It does never mean that we stop taking any actions, even if we punish anyone it should happen as per the law and principal and we can’t keep ourselves still, when I say not to judging anyone does not at all mean that we stop taking any actions we do all possible and correct actions but that should be done by keeping our emotions aside we are not permitted to judge we need to take actions without being attached without attaching any emotions.

Please understand our emotions are energy and wherever we focus our energy it gets activated Attaching emotions is simply means pouring our energy to that object or person , and hence exchanging energies which means you absorb the energy of other being and hence absorb his depts and karmas.

Let me tell you every action being performed in this universe has already been performed it is just that we all are under the influence of time and space and hence experience everything in different point of time . Hence each scene has already been scripted so the idea of judging anyone or situation is already futile .

we are souls and we choose are characters on the basis of our Karma and desire, the characters which have already been scripted it is just that we need to enter into that character , take the body and perform it.

Even a murder or serial killer is also destined to do this act , since we have not seen his previous karma and desires we can’t conclude and judge that soul, this right only and only rest with universe and Divine energy.

It also does not mean that we won’t punish, punishment is the reaction of his action which he must bear, but punishment is to be given without being attached to that character.

Awareness ladies and gentlemen awareness is all needed to understand this deep knowledge, your soul already knows this knowledge it is just you need to awake it and you will be able to distinguish between the character and soul, Soul is free and Independent, in the state of ignorance it gets attached to the character and everything around and makes it get entangled into vicious, when it awakes it knows its true identity and true self.

Hence Meditate and know thyself !!!

Thanks for reading !!!!!!

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

2 thoughts on “Taking on another person’s Karma”

    1. Karma is the residuals of your past actions, and actually it’s Karma only which gets transmitted when emotions are attached in the State of ignorance.

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