Water: The Most Powerful Energy to Manifest Desires

This is the most awaiting topic I wanted to write about because it symbolizes my name and to some extent reflection of my personality as well.
We all understand water mere as a natural resource which quench our thirst and help us in sustaining our lives and thus economy.
Let us understand it from energy point view: water is a very powerful energy which from the ancient time sages have been using for rituals. Water has immense power of absorption and manifestation. In Older days, sages used to use this property of water for manifestation of prayers, they would keep the water in the middle of palm, utter prayers and offer it to the concerned person or place for desired result.

In the video provided above it has been proved that every single drop of water which was collected from different people had different memory, that means the energy of the individual get absorbed by the it. The research has been performed even by taking a drop from different flowers having different memory.

We can also use this quality of water to purify our body and soul.
let me explain how: Take a bottle of water in your hand and transfer your prayers to the water and then consume it. For example if you are suffering from negativity or any ill health take a glass or bottle of water and utter prayer for few minutes, those prayers have to be in affirmation mode for example you should be saying ” I am getting healthy and purified with this water” rather than saying ” I will not get Ill after I consume this after “. We need to use positive words and no negative words , as same will be absorbed by water in as is form.
This practice can be used in our day to day life to bring good health and positivity in our life. 40 days is what I would recommended to bring results. But be mindful of the fact that we should always avoid wasting and misuse of water which can only bring bad luck to us. I have seen people wasting hell lot of water out of ignorance and because nature has provided it for free. We need to understand that water is really limited and sacred in quality and hence should be used with respect. This is the prerequisite if there is no respect and gratitude provided then no remedy would work.
A human form is the best creation of God and only form provided with higher level of consciousness hence preserving and respect towards these resources is a minimum expectation only then it can be used as a powerful tool for prosperity and wellbeing.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

2 thoughts on “Water: The Most Powerful Energy to Manifest Desires”

    1. Yes, that’s correct Sohanpreet, this practice came from sages who were aware of this property of water, but today people do it out of ritual only and very few are aware of real nature of Water

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