Vibrate Higher!!

We all have two energies residing inside us , negative energy and positive energy , there is always a constant fight between both energies.

Guess we all have experienced that state of mind where for the same situation we remain in great dilemma and go through positive and negative thoughts at the same time.

Now please pay attention to my words understand what I am trying to say here . These thoughts are energies, and both negative and positive energies need a space inside us. This body is their home where these energies feel comfortable, both wants to occupy maximum of their space, but since both have them are opposite in nature one cannot reside with the other one. when negative energy always think about destruction the positive one looks for creating things, Which energy would reside inside us depends on the level of awareness of a soul, a soul in waking state is one who is aware, who knows which energy should be living inside the body which can bring peace and happiness and therefore an aware soul only gives space to positive energy on the other hand the soul which is sleeping and ignorant state is in darkness and therefore gives this space to negative energy.

To bring the awareness is to get your strings attached to higher self which opens the door to wisdom. In simple words doing meditation and incorporating yogic activities is what is advisable to bring harmony inside us and providing space to positive energies .
Moving towards spirituality is the process through which we understand our self , we understand higher self and bring connection between the two. The source of this Divine energy is the fuel of this soul. Your food only nourishes your body, but our soul gets nourished by Divine energy. the energy which we can access through meditation, yogic activities and foremost important which I believe the most is unconditional love towards Divine energy and this Universe.

The Divine energy is where our soul is emerged from. Identifying ourselves different from the Divine energy is like being in darkness and not letting our level of consciousness and level of awareness raised. As soon as we tune our frequency with the Divine energy, our level of awareness also increases in parallel and start to get more and more aware and positive about ourselves and everything around us.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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