Five Elements Of Nature

People usually say that our body is made of 5 elements of nature but actually not only our body even our prosperity, wellbeing everything is linked to the nature which is also called “Material Energy”. Most of us tend to ignore this fact , spoil nature and hence invariably bring problem, natural calamities , health issues, emotions problems and agony to our life.

Let’s think it from this war. This universe is like a place where we all live and this place is owned by God , there is Divine energy prevalent everywhere around us and these five elements are the resources provided by God for the wellbeing of every soul , be it animal or human being , now if we live on this space and rather than showing gratitude to God we get indulged into spoiling nature, spoiling natural resources, snatching resources out of greed ( not letting it used by animals and poor section of society ), what will we be getting in result ?

Please mind the fact that for Divine energy every human being , every soul is same and it is not acceptable by that higher self that these resources are wasted and snatched from others and therefore we face natural calamities in terms of earth quake , flood etc. We are not supposed to blame anyone or God for anything happening to us, it is our own karma , lack of knowledge and ignorance which brings bad luck to us.

One more point I would like to emphasis upon, in natural calamities we usually say that people are died in masses and even innocent people get punished due to the wrong karma of others. I would really like to say in bold that “This universe which is an impersonal form of God is most intelligent and perfect It’s plan is so perfect that it can’t punish the innocent souls, Only those who are destined to suffer only suffer and no other one even if they are in masses

Therefore all I would like to say here is to bring about gratitude within ourselves which is the best way to express our thanks to God and universe to use his resources, this way we multiply our prosperity. Now how can we show our gratitude , have listed few things which if we follow in our life the prosperity is certain.

  • Not wasting food and water rather offering it to needy and poor.
  • Be mindful about animals around us, offer them food and water rather them disrespecting them.
  • Not spoiling and wasting water
  • And the most important which I follow and ask everyone to follow is to sit in meditation form for mere 10 minutes and Pray or thank God for everything you are using be it food, water, your house, your bed, your job, your parents, your spouse, your health everything you can think of, this is called the “Expression of Gratitude” , which is the best expression to untap the abundance of Universe, If this is followed on a regular basis it has a power to change the frequency of Energy and bringing prosperity and abundance in your life .

Just think it from that perspective again , if you are using somebody else’s resources and space , then through gratitude only you will be allowed to use more else it will be snatched and you will be punished. I have seen people dying due to lack of water and others suffering due to excess of water (Flood), that is because they don’t realize that they have not paid enough respect to these resources and wasted them due to which they ultimately suffer. Please mind the fact that whatever be the economic or monetary growth, life is not possible without nature.

These Five elements are what we are made up of spoiling them simply means spoiling our own self.

Author: Divine Expressions

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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